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On-Target Solutions to Problem Employees

Every organization has employees that frustrate management and supervisors. Solutions for Problem Employees will identify the root causes of performance, communicating with the problem employee, utilizing positive discipline to address performance issues, when to use sanctions and terminate the employee and protecting your organization from legal problems in the process. This training will also cover that the employee may not be problem; it may be an organizational issue.

South Metro Public Safety Training Center

7525  Braemar Blvd., Edina, MN 55439

April 4, 2024

Minnesota POST # 10444-0020

Puyallup Police Department Training Center

1531 39th Ave SE Puyallup, WA 98374

May 8, 2024

Norman Police Investigations Center

1507 W Lindsey St,  Norman OK 73069

November 8, 2024

League City Police Department

555 W. Walker Street  League City, TX 77573

Spring 2025

Coming Soon

Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office - Training Academy

9225 S. 68th Street, Franklin, WI  53132

Spring 2025

Coming Soon

Southlake Police Department

600 State St. Southlake, TX 76092
Fall 2025

Coming Soon

Host: Davis County Sheriff's Office

Location: Davis County Training Room 211

28 E State St, Farmington, Utah

May 10, 2024

Kansas City Regional Police Training Academy 

6885 NE Pleasant Valley Rd. Kansas City MO 64119

December 6, 2024

Missouri POST Control # 21385

Oak Forest Police Department

15440 S. Central Ave.  Oak Forest, Illinois 60452

Fall 2024

Coming Soon

Iowa Law Enforcement Academy

7105 NW 70th Avenue, Johnston, IA 50131

Spring 2025

Everett Police- South Precinct

1121 SE Everett Mall Way  Everett, WA 98208

Spring 2025

Coming Soon

"Really got you to think about how current management practices are flawed in achieving the desired outcome. Don't try to soften the blow."

Sgt. Brtan Marin, Bellevue (WA) PD

This is my 2nd seminar with On-Target. Very good training Provides real-life experiences in the training which makes it very informative. Easy to understand, and incorporates class participation."  Wilma Thompson, US Marshals Service (WA)

"I appreciate the practical experience brought to the training with experience as a police officer, supervisor and senior executiive of police work. Thanks for the training!" Sgt. James Sullivan, Lubbock (TX) PD

"The instructor did an outstanding job in presenting the materials in a clear way."

Lt. Jeremy Spaans, Rock Valley (IA) PD

"The instructor gave clear examples to relate to managing others."

Sgt. Matthew York, Polk County (IA) SO

"Very knowledgable and obviously has experience in multiple areas of a law enforcement agency. I really liked the concept of the desired performance vs. actual performance. Videos/examples of how to properly address issues in a constructive manner.

Lead Telecommunicator Lauren Belvin, League City (TX) PD

"Good discussions with instructor's experience to teach goals and objectives. Encouraging class discussion which gabve the oppportunity to hear lots of ideas and insights. Sgt. Jennifer Bell, Galveston County SO

"Awesome information given that I can definately use throughout my days as a supervisor. Provided real-life situations that we had to work through."

Sgt. Kim Alexander, Milwaukee County SO

"Great presentation with realistic solutions. Instructor was engaging and well versed on the topic. In-depth material with real life application."

Ofc. Matthew Vannucci, Caledonia (WI) PD

"I thought the training and information was helpful and I’ll be able to apply it in my day-to-day work.  The examples used helped me relate to my work, officers and department.  I don’t think there’s anything I would change." Chief Jason Lockridge, Smithville (MO) PD

"The material was presented well with real-world examples that drove home the effectiveness of the strategies and techniques taught. The host facility was also top-notch." Lt. Rick Ford, Durant (OK) PD

"I appreciate the time you spent teaching me how to better handle not only “problem employees” but also how to praise the good. I also liked the email responses to meetings or coaching. I believe what I have learned and taken notes on will assist me tremendously."

Sgt. Kevin Christensen, Richfield (UT) PD

Just some quick feedback on the class I attended yesterday (dealing with problem employees).  Great insight on this topic.  I like the idea and am planning on implementing a the 20 minute meetings with supervisors to check in on progress and address any issues. Thanks for a great class.

Lt. Chris Hansen, Salt Lake County SO

"Relevant examples and how to apply them in different situations when dealing with problem employees."

Sgt. Brain Wesselink, Polk County (IA) SO

"Exceeded my expectations! Being a dispatch center is hard to relate issues we experience to most trainings. Not only were examples/life examples easy to compare, but so is the course in general. I look forward to going back to work and implementing what I have learned."

Administrative Services Manager Mihkaela Overbay, Rivercom911 (WA)


"The instructor was well versed in the material covered. He had great real-life examples. I will use the material covered during my supervisory duties."

Sgt. Joe Sieverding, Moscow (ID) PD

Good content! Really applied to employees and issues we see at our department.

Cpl. William Wedemeyer, Johnston (IA) PD

"The course sets a path for supervisors to strike feelings and beliefs out of the discipline process  and make it a positive experience based on facts, goals and objectives." Chief Marty Burns, Harrah (OK) PD

"Very knowledgable on topic and willing to discuss varying viewpoints - not just one way to accomplish goal. Personal experiences to validate teaching points." Undersheriff Eric Denning, Blaine County (OK) SO

"You could tell the instructor cared about and had personal examples of dealing with problem employees. The material was great and I look forward to going to more training out on by the On-Target Solutions Group." Sgt. Gary Hecht, Poteau (OK) PD

"Very knowledgable about the subject. Promoted critical thinking about how to deal with problem employees. Gave many examples and ideas on how to deal with problem employees." Capt. Joshua Briggs, Milwaukee County SO

"Well spoken, experience, approachable and good humored. Pulls no punches and commands respect. I think this should be required when people become supervisors. Relatable issues and frank discussion about personal shortcomings and how to work around them."

Sgt. Brittany Stamborski, Kenosha County (WI) SO

"Instructor was well versed in the subject matter and kept attention of the audience. Material was relevant to problem employees."

Lt. Brandy Lester, Milwaukee County SO

"Provided simple and straightforward understanding of content and how to apply the information. Also having real examples to make connections to."

HR Director Bridget DiSanto, City of Oak Forest, Illinois


"Instructor was excellent in his explanations and gave wonderful tools to perform my job. On-Target hit with the expectations. Very motivated to develop leadership skills." Capt. Deborah M. Moore, Phoenix (IL) PD

"Very informative on how to identify the problem, analyze the situation, come up with a solution. Wish I had the opportunity to take this course many months ago. Information that was needed.  Booking Supervisor Lantayan Thomas, Harvey (IL) PD

"I really enjoyed the course. I found it very relevant and informative. As a sergeant of 5+ years, I feel energized to work with my staff. Great info, excellent presenter, good use of videos." Sgt. Tyler Stahn, Carver County (MN) SO

"Instructor has an excellent grasp of the subject. The content and instruction sets a clear example of how problematic employees can impact entire work groups." Sgt. Douglas "Sam" Nelson, Hennepin County (MN) SO

"Extremely knowledgable and class engagement. The strongest feature was the personal knowledge brought to the training."

Office Manager Amanda Hunter, Tulalip (WA) PD

"Excellent information and great approach to help employees."

Chief Bradley Richmond, Airway Heights (WA) PD

"Very engaging. Instilled confidence for having "tough" conversations (hint - they're not tough). Real life scenarios made it relatable."

Communications Supervisor Bre Mangis, Pend Oreille (WA) SO

"Good material to include videos. Very relevant and worked well. Instructor had good knowledge of how to handle employees due to past experience. Good baseline to start identifying and addressing issues with employees and coming up with a plan before issues escalate."

Det. Sgt. James Gibson, Marshall County (IA) SO

"Instructor was very knowledgable about the material. Presented and made the class participate which made it stick more in my opinion."

Asst. Jail Administrator Heather Perry, Webster County (IA) Jail

"Both instructors were very knowledgable with incredibly impressive backgrounds. They presented material in an understandable ways with relevant real-world examples." Dispatch Supervisor Amanda Seifert, Merker County (MN) SO

"Engaging and stories were practical and enhanced the learning. Subject matter is very practical to everyday use as a supervisor."

Sgt. Dallas Gjesvold, Plymouth (MN) PD

"This class will better prepare me for handling problem employees as well as help me be of assistance to my boss with guiding my peers. The detail in the course material was great." Cpl. Andrew Peck, Chickasha (OK) PD

"Very much enjoyed the class and informative information that will be brought back to our department. Learned many different ways to deal with problem employees." Unit Operations Leader Michelle Scalice, Oklahoma City PD

"Very personable and engaging. Did a great job at real world examples in a clear way. I will be able to bring material back to my job and use it immediately to see positive results." Sgt. Amanda Ray, Snohomish County (WA) SO

"This class was very clear and on topic on how to deal with problem employees. Emphasized "address things immediately" and to state clear expectations. This is drilled into me now and shows me exactly where to start."

Telecommunications Supervisor Lupe Rodriguez, Sunnyside (WA) PD

"This is a really good class! I've been searching for this type of clarification."

Lt. Warren Morrow, Bartlesville (OK) PD

"Was very knowledgable in this area. His experience on this matter was extensive. The material will be very beneficial moving forward.  

Sgt. Drew Bravan, Muskogee (OK) PD

"Instructor was extremely knowledgable or material. Course information was great. Provided me with a lot of material to consider and implement. Material can be applied to any size agency."  Sgt. Kyle McCool, Oklahoma State University PD

"The training revealed I was on the right track toward addressing the behavior of problem employees and enhanced my skill set to correct it using reliable consequences. Gave great insights on what documentation/details need to be included."
Asst. Chief Brian DePriest, Keokuk (IA) PD

"Every supervisor should take this course."  Sgt. Chad Underwood Urbandale (IA) PD

"The examples given are realistic and either have occurred or are occurring within my agency."

Sgt. Vincent Stewart, Indianapolis Metropolitan PD


"This course was very informational and gave us helpful tips on dealing with problem employees. I plane to apply what I have learned at my agency."

Capt. David Herron, South Bend PD

"Materials and objectives were great and presented very well. Information and ideas on dealing with problem employees were fantastic."

Sgt. Brian Zarnowski, Manhattan (IL) PD

"The seminar offered real-world, practical ways to deal with problem employees, and to try to change their behavior before it gets worse. The solutions and tools are simple, but probably do not occur to most supervisors." 

Deputy Chief Joe Gasiorek, Schererville (IN) PD

"Great deal of experience effectively dealing with problem employees. Excellent job engaging the students while conveying this valuable information. I highly recommend this class to anyone trying to improve employee performance."

Chief Cameron Arthur, Jenks (OK) PD

"Appreciated the vast knowledge and experience of instructor. Examples and stories were relevant and relatable”.   

Chief Joe Harris, Mattawa (WA) PD

"Relevant examples  which communicated methods beneficial to prevent and resolve conflict when dealing with problem employees."

Bill Burns, Superintendent Village of Morton Grove Public Works

"Strong content on a subject I knew very litt le about before coming. Left with a greater understanding. Taught me a lot."

Dave Hoffman, Forestry Supervisor, Village of Morton Grove IL

"It was excellent, so much so that I am planning on taking more courses in the fall;. The course information was applicable to my job and made me feel more empowered and confident to talk with my staff". ​

Communications Coordinator Latoya Marz, Dekalb (IL) PD

"Lots of good info. Forms provided will really help out. I also attended the IA 2 day course. Gave me realization of need to change policies and refine procedures.

Chief Edward Menefee, Washington (MO) PD

"Keep doing what you are doing. I related to about everything that was talked about. I took a lot from this class".   

Cmdr. Jeff Rice, Merrillville (IN) PD

“Very well spoken and knowledgeable.  Should be taken by all supervisors, administrators and leadership”.   

Cmdr. Louis Arcuri, East Chicago (IN) PD

"This course is dead on with dealing with problem employees. Content will help me grow as a supervisor."

Lt. Greg Whalen, Glencoe (IL) Department of Public Safety

"This training can be utilized and greatly increase your ability dealing with problem employees."  

Sgt. Don Jones, Investigative Sergeant, Seattle Police Department

"Very good material and very helpful for anyone who has to deal with problem employee whether you are a supervisor or not."

Brett Keller, Whitman County (WA) Sheriff's Office

"Instructors were outstanding-one of the best classes I've taken in my 34 year career."  

Sgt. David Gryczewski, Matteson (IL) Police Department

"This class is exactly what I needed to make me a better supervisor. Great presenter/great material.

Sgt. Robert Benson, Tooele City (UT) Police Department

This was one of the best training classes I've been to in many years, thanks."  

Sgt. Salvador Segura, Heber City (UT) Police Department

"With over 35 years in law enforcement and 25 in leadership, I still gained new perspectives and new tools to be a better leader. Great presenter, articulate, experienced."

"I have no doubt that I will become a better supervisor for having attended this course."  

Sgt. Jerry Blomgren, Iowa City Police Department

"As with other On-Target classes I have taken, I was given great tools I can immediately use to enhance my skills.  Highly recommended class." 

Lt. Scott Novasky, Lakewood (WA) Police Department

"Excellent information. Anxious to put into practice. I feel challenged to be a better supervisors. Not what I expected from this training"

Sgt. Scott Holt, Kittatis (WA) County Corrections Center

"Dynamic presentation. Examples of real life situations that are relevant."  

 Paul Peterson, Village Administrator, South Chicago Heights (IL)

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