On-Target Solutions to Problem Employees

Every organization has employees that frustrate management and supervisors. Solutions for Problem Employees will identify the root causes of performance, communicating with the problem employee, utilizing positive discipline to address performance issues, when to use sanctions and terminate the employee and protecting your organization from legal problems in the process. This training will also cover that the employee may not be problem; it may be an organizational issue.

December 4, 2020

December 18, 2020

Fall 2020

February 5, 2020

Spring 2021

February 23, 2021

Spring 2021

Fall 2021

Edina, MN

Sandy, UT

Glenview, IL

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Burien, WA

Johnston, IA

O'Fallon, MO

Newman Lake, WA

South Metro Public Safety Training Facility (POST Approved)

Utah Peace Officers Standard and Training

Northeastern Illinois Public Safety Training Academy

Lawrence Police Department (LETB Approved)

Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center

Iowa Law Enforcement Academy

Law Enforcement Training Institute

Spokane County Sheriff Training Center

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Comments from attendees:

"Materials and objectives were great and presented very well. Information and ideas on dealing with problem employees were fantastic."

Sgt. Brian Zarnowski, Manhattan (IL) PD

"The seminar offered real-world, practical ways to deal with problem employees, and to try to change their behavior before it gets worse. The solutions and tools are simple, but probably do not occur to most supervisors." 

Deputy Chief Joe Gasiorek, Schererville (IN) PD

"Great deal of experience effectively dealing with problem employees. Excellent job engaging the students while conveying this valuable information. I highly recommend this class to anyone trying to improve employee performance."

Chief Cameron Arthur, Jenks (OK) PD

"Appreciated the vast knowledge and experience of instructor. Examples and stories were relevant and relatable”.   

Chief Joe Harris, Mattawa (WA) PD

"Relevant examples  which communicated methods beneficial to prevent and resolve conflict when dealing with problem employees."

Bill Burns, Superintendent Village of Morton Grove Public Works

"Strong content on a subject I knew very litt le about before coming. Left with a greater understanding. Taught me a lot."

Dave Hoffman, Forestry Supervisor, Village of Morton Grove IL

"It was excellent, so much so that I am planning on taking more courses in the fall;. The course information was applicable to my job and made me feel more empowered and confident to talk with my staff". ​

Communications Coordinator Latoya Marz, Dekalb (IL) PD

"Lots of good info. Forms provided will really help out. I also attended the IA 2 day course. Gave me realization of need to change policies and refine procedures.

Chief Edward Menefee, Washington (MO) PD

"Keep doing what you are doing. I related to about everything that was talked about. I took a lot from this class".   

Cmdr. Jeff Rice, Merrillville (IN) PD

“Very well spoken and knowledgeable.  Should be taken by all supervisors, administrators and leadership”.   

Cmdr. Louis Arcuri, East Chicago (IN) PD

"This course is dead on with dealing with problem employees. Content will help me grow as a supervisor."

Lt. Greg Whalen, Glencoe (IL) Department of Public Safety

"This training can be utilized and greatly increase your ability dealing with problem employees."  

Sgt. Don Jones, Investigative Sergeant, Seattle Police Department

"Very good material and very helpful for anyone who has to deal with problem employee whether you are a supervisor or not."

Brett Keller, Whitman County (WA) Sheriff's Office

"Instructors were outstanding-one of the best classes I've taken in my 34 year career."  

Sgt. David Gryczewski, Matteson (IL) Police Department

"This class is exactly what I needed to make me a better supervisor. Great presenter/great material.

Sgt. Robert Benson, Tooele City (UT) Police Department

This was one of the best training classes I've been to in many years, thanks."  

Sgt. Salvador Segura, Heber City (UT) Police Department

"With over 35 years in law enforcement and 25 in leadership, I still gained new perspectives and new tools to be a better leader. Great presenter, articulate, experienced."

"I have no doubt that I will become a better supervisor for having attended this course."  

Sgt. Jerry Blomgren, Iowa City Police Department

"As with other On-Target classes I have taken, I was given great tools I can immediately use to enhance my skills.  Highly recommended class." 

Lt. Scott Novasky, Lakewood (WA) Police Department

"Excellent information. Anxious to put into practice. I feel challenged to be a better supervisors. Not what I expected from this training"

Sgt. Scott Holt, Kittatis (WA) County Corrections Center

"Dynamic presentation. Examples of real life situations that are relevant."  

 Paul Peterson, Village Administrator, South Chicago Heights (IL)

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