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Effective Crime Scene Reporting:
Documentation and Demonstratives

Crime scene documentation demands an elevated and often technical level of detail that goes beyond standard field reporting needs of statutory and Uniform Crime Reporting requirements. Forensic/Scientific focused documentation can counter memory recall challenges experienced by even the most seasoned crime scene investigators. Accurate reporting offsets media-fueled CSI effects which adversely impacts ensuing and often time-delayed trials.

Forensic Technician Certification


Evidence Processing: Crime Scene to Courtroom Basics

Crime Scene Photography: The Essentials

Effective Crime Scene Reporting: Documentation and Demonstratives


Completion of the above three seminars and examination will result in the issuance of a Forensic Crime Scene Technician certification. These seminars do not need to be completed in the same week and anyone who has completed these seminars previously will be issued the certification. Likewise, these seminars may be taken individually and do not require they all be taken within the week and any of the seminars taken previously count towards the certification.

Spokane County Sheriff Training Center

13033 W. SR 902    Spokane, WA 99224

 April 12, 2024  8:00am-4:00pm

Glenview Police Department
 2500 E Lake Ave, Glenview, IL 6002

May 17, 2024

Hosted by: Puyallup Police Department

Puyallup Research and Extension Center Allmendinger Hall

2606 West Pioneer Puyallup, WA 98371

November 1, 2024

Iowa Law Enforcement Academy

7105 NW 70th Avenue, Johnston, IA 50131

Spring 2025

Coming Soon

Oak Forest Police Department

15440 S. Central Ave.  Oak Forest, Il 60452

April 26, 2024

League City Police Department

555 W. Walker Street  League City, TX 77573

October 18, 2024

Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System
1701 E. Main St.        Urbana, IL 61802

December 6, 2024   8:00am—4:00pm

Everett Police Department - South Precinct

1121 SE Everett Mall Way  Everett, WA 98208

Spring 2025

Coming Soon

"Every new evidence tech should take this course. I have not found any course that goes this deep in detail on how to write crime scene reports!" 

Ofc. Nick Szalinski, Joliet (IL) PD

"The lecture on reporting and documentation was great. You touched on taking good and bad things from peer reports to make your own better. That resonated with me because that’s what I have done more so since I became a supervisor. It has helped me tremendously with writing better reports. I also really appreciated the tips on breathing techniques before trials. I have gone in very nervous and this will help me. The course overall was great and I will recommend it to all my peers." Cpl. Chris Gilbertson, Latah County (ID) SO

"This was one of the most informative and well taught courses I have ever attended."

Det. Trevor Hoyt, Kane County (IL) SO

"The instructor's ability to deconstruct and articulate complicated material is second to none. As a relative beginner I was able to follow along and understand all of the presented material." Brandon Hoyt, Lockport (IL) FD

"Instructor had numerous well reasoned examples of courtroom testimony. I will be adding to my report writing for testimony purposes."

Ofc. Pat Kelly, Joliet (IL)PD

"This course highlighted the importance of telling the story and painting the picture in just written documentation, but graphical imagery as well. I really appreciated the perfect police report format that was provided. It's a different angle of blocking out your report that I have not seen, and look forward to using." Brandon Anderson, Sumner (WA) PD

"The instructor's wealth of knowledge and his teaching style is very conducive to learning. Great class. All the information shared is very useful to what I do." Det. Billy Jack Forrester, Federal Way (WA) PD

"Creates such a fun environment. I am not afraid to ask any questions. The strongest feature was super simplified to help me understand."

Evid. Tech. Macey List, Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake.

"Definitely learned a lot of things to add to my reports. Used life experiences, provided examples as to why he used or did not use certain things. Provided a lot if information that was simple to add to reports to sound professional."

"Thank you for an amazing class. I have learned a lot about crime scene documentation and writing.  I feel more confident about documentation and reporting."

"Very knowledgable about the the subject matter presented. The greatest strength was the instructor's ability to connect material to real world applications." Det. Cpl. James North, Woodward (OK) PD

"Great instructor who is passionate about forensics and teaching others. I would definitely recommend On-Target Forensics to anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of crime scene investigations". Capt. Mike Sole, Sapulpa (OK) PD


Forensic Technician David Freudiger Norman (OK) PD

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