Law Enforcement Culture and Public Perceptions

Nothing is as important to government services as the relationship between law enforcement and the public that is served. Law enforcement is the most highly recognized portion of government. Recent actions and news stories have had a devastating impact on perception of law enforcement. Agencies and individual employees must understand their role and that every action and statement that is made reflects on the profession as a whole. This training will focus not only on individual employee attitudes and beliefs, but also organizational concepts that perpetuate a lack of trust with the community. 

September 11, 2020


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Comments from attendees:

"Instructors LE experience shines through and adds credibility to the subject matter. Easy, Practical and non-judgmental tactics which lift up the officer and profession.“   Lt. Ryan Doty, Des Moines PD


“Great course. I wish more officers would take it to see the bigger picture. Very knowledgeable on the subject. Actual use of real-life situations.

Cpl. Katherine Champi, Weber County (UT) SO


“The content was clear, direct, understandable, and applicable. I appreciated all of the videos and examples used to help us better relate the principles.

Kaley Zenger, Salt Lake County SO


“Not what I expected—good material and made me think.”

"Great material and information, even though it is geared patrol side of law enforcement. There was many areas of instruction which can be incorporated into corrections." Corrections Ofc. Michael Sistak, Whitman County (WA) SO


"Great course, great material, great instructor. Love everything about the course and the content. The instructor demonstrated great examples/stories to keep you involved." Dep. Tim Kiele, Whatcom County (WA) SO

"Took videos and events experienced by officers attending the class, then adjusted his teaching to connect with the personnel. I thought it was unique as I was really able to understand the material." Ofc. Cory Alcantar, Colfax (WA) PD

"Great program and more officers should attend". Sgt. Nick Muzzarrell, United State Federal Reserve Police, St. Louis MO

"Outstanding subject matter that was supported with the instructor's years of experience and subject matter knowledge."

Lt. Kent Steenblock, Linn County (IA) Sheriff's Office

"Gave real life examples and background...great training"  Sgt. Michael Grimm, Brookfield Zoo (IL) PD

"The open discussion about real scenarios with videos while surrounded by officers from other departments with varying levels of skill and training gave great perspective."  Trooper Mike Newton, Washington State Patrol

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