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On-Target Solutions for Executive Leadership

Leadership is influencing others to go where you want them to go. Solutions for Leadership focuses on how to build a successful organization and identify problems before they arise. Identifying worthwhile goals that have meaning and value to your organization and enhance service are discussed. Solutions for Leadership focuses on the employee as the cornerstone of your organizations and how to select, train and motivate all employees within your organization.

Host: Davis County Sheriff's Office

Location: Davis County Training Room 211

28 E State St, Farmington, Utah

May 7, 2024

Puyallup Police Department Training Center

1531 39th Ave SE Puyallup, WA 98374

October 28, 2024

Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System

1701 E. Main St., Urbana, IL 61802

Fall 2024

Coming Soon

Spokane County Sheriff Training Center

6011 N. Chase Rd., Newman Lake, WA 99025       

Fall 2024

Coming Soon

Host: Clearwater County Sheriff's Office

Location: Orofino Police Department

1075 Michigan Ave. Orofino Idaho 8354

June 13, 2024

Norman Police Investigations Center

1507 W Lindsey St,  Norman OK 73069

Fall 2024

Coming Soon
CLEET Cataloged

Iowa Law Enforcement Academy

7105 NW 70th Ave., Johnston IA 50131

Fall 2024

Coming Soon

Oak Forest Police Department

15440 S. Central Ave.  Oak Forest, Illinois 60452

Fall 2024

Coming Soon

"The class was very beneficial. The instructor gave great realistic scenarios that showed leadership examples and even included the good and bad. I appreciated that greatly." Sgt. Cortez Gardner, Urbana (IL) PD

"Had solid real-world examples. Easy to understand. Sparked my attitude in order to strive to shape my leadership skills."

Sgt. Michael Carlson, Broadview (IL) PD


"Passion for the material from the instructor as he presented it. He was able to make the course material relatable to what we do on an everyday basis."
​Sgt. Brett Heun, Naperville (IL) PD


"Very detailed presentation, presented in an easily understood format. Excellent content.  The strongest features were the discussion and handout materials." Lt. Mike Elliott, Tulsa PD

"The instructor engaged with the class and included the class in topics of discussion. I believe this course of instruction gave a good understanding and knowledge of what a good mentor and leader should be and project onto their officers."

Ofc. Edwards Wofford, Oologah (OK) PD

"Presented information in a clear and understandable manner. Good use of real world scenarios. Easy to follow and understand the materials presented.

Cpl. Austin Bizzell, Shawnee (OK) PD

"Nice to learn from past experiences. Was able to have good conversations about leadership (open discussions). Made me look at areas I need togrow in. Nice to listen and learn from someone who has grown in his leadership career."

Ofc. Mitchell Swanson, St. Louis Park (MN) PD

"Did an excellent job of explaining how to implement and develop leadership skills for every type of environment. I learned so much from him and from this seminar. This seminar gave incredible insight into how to lead different kinds of people."

PIO Bridgette Larsen, Marysville (WA) PD


"Great class and video examples. Excited me to practice what I learned and to learn more about being and effective leader of people."

Sgt. Jeffry Rogers, Spokane County SO


"One of the best classes I've taken thus far on leadership. Practical tools I can put to good use. The instructor made the information easy to understandand how I can use in my department right away." Records Specialist Mandie Clemans, Coeurd 'Alene (ID) PD

"Excellent speaker. I would recommend this class to others. Great sense of humor. Great speaker and he is a chief I would like to work for.

Cpl. James Terrill, Grantsville City (UT) PD


"Great experience - personal work experience as a police officer. Understands and knows his material. As a new supervisors this training provided me with skills that will help me be effective with my staff.  Sgt. Uati Afele, South Jordan (UT) PD


"Good examples and engaging throughout the day. Examples were relevant and real life so it was able to apply them. Engage in discussions with the group."  Det. Stephanie Ambrose, Arlington (WA) PD

Provides good real-life examples.  Stays on topic. Speaks more about positive actions that we as individuals can focus onto make an impact on others. Professional Standards Manager Angela Davis, Tulalip Tulalip Tribal (WA) PD

"Very passionate about leadership and it shows in the course content, material and instructions. I think mentoring is the single most important thing to improve leaders and future leaders in a department so the content on mentoring was the best for me."

Cpl. Josh Thueson, Moscow, (ID) PD

"Great examples were provided that are relatable no matter what your position in law enforcement is. Excellent well rounded content. Thank you for making the course enjoyable and informational." Andrea Sander, Sunnyside (WA) PD

“Helped me re-evaluate myself. I will be a better LEADER because of this class. Can help people become stronger leaders. My guys will see a little change for the best in themselves."  Sgt. Larry Stover, Lincoln County (OK) SO


"The contents were well aligned with the expectations of leadership in LE. The context of the material was useful to applying the “Role” of leadership not just rank in LE."   Sgt. Shelly Spratt, Newcastle (OK) PD


"Made it easy to actually focus on the materials. Materials exceeded my expectations. Even being only an 8 hour course, its comparable to FBI-LEEDA. Ofc. Clinton Gatliff, Comanche Nation (OK) PD

"I have attended other On-Target classes. Like prior class, knocked it out of park. Great info to bring back to my agency."

Lt. Tyler Brogdan, Sapulpa (OK) PD

"Made what could be a very dry subject informative, fun, and relevant to what was needed or taught."

Ofc. Ben Hollander, Bartlesville (OK) PD

"I liked the real-life and personal experiences with the subject matter of different leadership traits and principles. Good course content."

Ofc. Jordan Sawyer, Broken Arrow (OK) PD

"The presenter's background - actual experiences with leadership in law enforcement. Created a very engaging conversation."

Sgt. Joe Richardt, Zion (IL) PD/Lake County Major Crimes Task Force


"Well prepared and presented material at a good speed where it didn't "drag on". The strongest feature was the comparisons with the material to my job."

Sgt. Bill Stanley, Watseka (IL) PD

"Excellent job of relating his experiences to the tenants of leadership and using those experiences to explain how leadership can improve productivity. The course material was laid out in a logical and easy to understand manner."

Ofc. Galin Schultz, Muskogee PD


"Kept my attention the entire time. Very Informative! I thought I was a great leader. Now I have the tools to get where I thought I was before today!"

Sr. Patrolman Scott Muench, Watseka (IL) PD


"Excellent presentation. The passion for leadership shows in his ability to pass this knowledge.  I also experienced a whole lot of self reflection. This class will make me a better person as well as leader.  Good. for anyone from brand new to the highest level."

Lt. Patrick Hinrichsen, Woodbury County (IA) SO

"Did a phenomenal Job at explaining leadership at all levels of law enforcement, from patrolman to to administration. Great layout and understanding. Excited to continue through my career with this class impacting it. From patrol to chief, this information is key both personally and departmentally."

Ofc. Alexander Sirovy, Oskaloosa (IA) PD

"Presented a large volume of information and had real life experiences to validate the content that was presented. Nice job! Good class."

Capt. Todd Peterson. Woodbury County (IA) SO

"Made the class feel like it was directed towards me specifically.”​ Great input. Not just for leaders of rank but for anyone wanting to make their department better by becoming a leader.”  K9 Ofc. Travis Bellon, Lone Peak (UT) PD

"Wealth of knowledge both educational  and practical experience.  (This training) is much needed in our law enforcement profession - especially today."

Sheriff Michael T. Nielsen, Boone County (IN) SO

"Every law enforcement officer, or rank or not, should attend this training. This was an excellent seminar and taught clearly in a timely manner. the instructor was engaging and friendly.  Dep. Jared Kirby, Montgomery County (IN) SO

"The experience and passion was obviously applicable to someone who has lived the training presented."

Chief Scott Ruszkowski, South Bend PD

"Very qualified to be an example to. I will definitely be contacting him for further leadership questions."

Marshall Nick Bowyer, Galveston (IN) PD

"Stayed on topic and did a good job presenting the topic. The instructor was very knowledgeable.  The course and PowerPoint were put together well, with good supporting articles."  Major Keith Keller, Marion County (IN) SO


“Very clear usage of leadership. This class should be taught at the line level to every recruit and again periodically throughout your career.”

Det. Nate McDonald, South Salt Lake (UT) PD


This course is so good my supervisor needs to take it! Very experienced and knowledgeable..."

Ofc. Chris Clingon, Windsor Heights (IA) PD

“I had 2 other leadership classes last month. This one is far better than the others. I have been a supervisor for 11 years...this was great, recommended and spot on.” 

"Very knowledgeable, clearly knows all the content he is teaching and has put into practice. Easy to follow, relevant, practical.

Sgt. Kole Northland, Meskwaki (IA) PD


"I wanted to reach out to you and thank you for your leadership seminar on 2-25-19. I am new to my position but not new to leadership roles.  I do have struggles within my department with current tenured employees as well as a culture that isn’t used to new ideas and fresh starts. That, in itself, has been my biggest hurdle. As I listened and participated in your leadership course it reassured me that I am on the right path. I was able to relate and internally analyze where our department is currently and where I want to take it."   DPW Operations Superintendent Shane Albers, Bayside (WI)

"The presenter was passionate about leadership which in turn made the whole course worth taking. One day should be two days there is a lot to talk about." Deputy Chief Elijah Willis, Maywood (IL) PD

"I would recommend  this to all leaders or those looking to being promoted. Interaction and expertise of the instructor was obvious."

Tony Abel, Enumclaw (WA) Police Department

"It's refreshing to have an instructor who has "been there and done that!" Having 1st hand knowledge of the subject material brings home the ideas in a practical manner." Sgt. Paul Leisinger, Wavery (IA) Police Department

"Engaging, knowledgeable, and experienced. Great class and would recommend to others to include first level officers.

Sgt. Michael Gilmore, Stevens County (WA) Sheriff's Office

"Will recommend  to others, presentation encouraged me to seek out additional information".  Sgt. Kevin Joyce, King County (WA) Sheriff's Office


"The reason I scored it only 4's was because I there were no 5's. Awesome class, very informative, motivates to make yourself better."

"Examples were relevant and real world." Patrick Gibbs, Collision Records Manager, Washington State Patrol

"I appreciated how he inserted personal stories about his career into this system to show how it works."

Sgt. Sam Keller, Whitman County (WA) Jail

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