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On-Target Solutions to Hiring Quality Employees

Nothing is as critical to the success of an organization as the people that serve provide the services. Whether in government, private enterprise, charitable organizations or any other entity nothing can have such a dramatic effect to the success or failure of service delivery. Applicant background investigations are the key to hiring the most desirable candidates to provide service, maintain retention, and promotion within the organization. Applicant background investigations are complex and understanding the principles and legal ramifications is important to protect the organization.

Everett Police- South Precinct

1121 SE Everett Mall Way   Everett, WA 98208

March 25-26, 2024    8:00am-4:00pm

Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office - Training Academy

9225 S. 68th Street, Franklin, WI 53132

May 21-22, 2024 8:00am-4:00pm

Puyallup Police Department Training Center

531 39th Ave SE Puyallup, WA 98374

October 29-30, 2024

Norman Police Investigations Center

1507 W Lindsey St,  Norman OK 73069

November 4-5, 2024

Spokane County Sheriff' Training Center

13033 W. SR 902, Spokane, WA 99224

Fall 2024

Coming Soon

South Metro Public Safety Training Facility

7525  Braemar Blvd., Edina, MN 55439

Fall 2024

Coming Soon

Minnesota Post # 10444-0015

Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy

45299 Research Place   Ashburn, VA 20147

April 17-18, 2025

Hoffman Estates Police Department
411 W Higgins Rd., Hoffman Estates IL 60169

April 25-26, 2024

Iowa Law Enforcement Academy

7105 NW 70th Ave, Johnston, IA

October 7-8, 2024

Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy

45299 Research Place   Ashburn, VA 20147

September 3-4, 2024

Kansas City Regional Police Training Academy 

6885 NE Pleasant Valley Rd. Kansas City MO 64119

December 2-3, 2024

Missouri POST Control # 21512

Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System
1701 E. Main St., Urbana, IL 61802

Fall 2024

Coming Soon

Oak Forest Police Department

15440 S. Central Ave.  Oak Forest, Illinois 60452

Fall 2024

Coming Soon

League City Police Department

555 W. Walker Street  League City, TX 77573

Spring 2025

Coming Soon

Temple Police Department

Location: Temple College

2600 S 1st St. Temple, TX 76504

Spring 2025

Coming Soon

" Learning the different sides to recruitment, gave me some good ideas to hopefully implement in my agency."

Sgt. Amber Riley, Coryell County (TX) SO

"The instructor was knowledgable of the subject and was very informative and engaging with the class. The presenttaion was clear and put together well. Much of the informationwas relevant to my current assignment. Ofc. De'Vonte Johnson, Killen (TX) PD

"Very helpful information. The instructor had a lot of information on a lot of different topics. Enjoyed the information. I will be conducting additional research. Thank you for the sample forms and the On-Target Solutions Group."

Sgt. Corey Hodge, Harris County (TX) Constable Precinct 3

"The instructor was very knowledgable about background investigations and the laws conducting them. This is the first course I've taken on the subject and I learned a lot." Sgt. Don Stone, Victoria (TX) PD

"The instructor 's knowledge and ability to convey the subject matter was excellent. I needed this info as I am new to background investigations. It was well received and very informative." Ofc. Terry Ashabranner, Humble (TX) PD

"I attended your recruiting and background investigation course at the KCPD Regional Academy last week. I thought the course flowed well. I liked that you took suggestions from the students at the beginning of the course to ensure that you touched on the topics that were important to them. The sample materials that you provided during the course were very helpful as well. I think they will allow me to revamp some of our current forms and improve our processes.  Overall, I would recommend this course to anyone seeking to further knowledge on recruiting and background investigations."

Sgt. Justin Holm, North Kansas City PD


"I felt the seminar was very informative, and having additional information outside of the slideshow was great!  The instructor was well-versed and knowledgeable, and he encouraged questions and comments from participants.  I would highly recommend this seminar to other agencies interested in learning ways to improve to their recruiting and backgrounds techniques.

Background Investigations/CVSA Administrator Inv. Samantha Viesselman, Kansas City (MO) PD

"I think you hit the topic on the head when we discussed the recruiting aspect, in which we have to bring on the “Stars and Superstars”!  If an agency truly wants to build a strong culture, each and every officer candidate has to be vetted carefully.  I know in today’s day, this is tough, but we are lucky to do just that as our application numbers have remained strong. In closing I would like to thank you for your years of law enforcement service.  I enjoyed the class and do believe the material you presented will help guide me as I hire our on-call investigators who will specialize in backgrounds."

Recruiting & Hiring Specialist Scott Taylor, WA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for choosing to put on this training. I learned a lot about backgrounding and recruiting that is going to greatly help my small department. I also was very impressed that you and your company cater your trainings to that state you are teaching in. I was very happy to see that it wasn’t just a general class on the topic, but you also incorporated items/statutes/etc. that are specific to Minnesota, so thank you for that."

Det. Katy Mannin, Centennial Lakes (MN) PD

"I’ve taken several courses put on by On-Target Solutions, and as always, this course was excellent! The instructor has a vast knowledge in recruiting and background investigations and makes it easy for you to learn the course material. I’m excited to take back to my department everything I’ve learned in order to recruit the best candidates available!" Capt. Mike Sole, Sapulpa (OK) PD

"I liked how it showed what to look for and the questions to ask to be able to get better officers. Wish there was some video clips of interviews for the background checks. Overall very informative class with lots of good information to take back to my department."

Ofc. Nathan Goddard, Adair (OK) PD

"I thought the class was great. It addressed a lot of the areas that I was hoping it would as it pertains to background investigations. Emphasizing recruiting is an area that we can improve on and I was happy to be able to bring back some strategies to my PD! Thank you for having me in the class.

Cmdr. Nathan Haubenreiser, Hometown (IL) PD

"It is always nice to hear from someone who has hands-on experience and knowledge in a subject. They can bring real-life scenarios to the discussion. (The strongest feature of this presentation) is on the job application this will provide." Sgt. Justin Prosser, Champaign (IL) PD

"Very knowledgable in background investigations and is passionate about getting the best candidates hired. Instructor knowledge and reference materials.:

Chief Steven Bein, Fisher (IL) PD

"Clearly held a mastery of the subject matter and conveyed that information through heartfelt and easy to grasp presentation style. Well formatted, comprehensive instruction that strongly enhances the ability of investigators to conduct background investigations."

Lt. Christopher Connelly, Chesterfield (MO) PD


"Interactive and knowledgeable instruction. Met expectation and more. Knowledge of doing a more informative and complete background."

Sgt. Keith Green, Cape Girardeau (MO) PD

"I enjoyed the material covered in the class. The email with forms was a help as well. The instructor was friendly and easy to fall.  (The strongest features of this seminar were) describing the importance of a thorough investigation. As well as the statement we are looking for stars and superstars."

Capt. Aaron Glenn. Chickashaw Lighthorse (OK) Police Department 


"Great seminar!. I could follow along and understand the instructor. Awesome course, I had no idea the depth of this course nor it's importance. How ro gather information and obtain the info in ways I never thought of."

Sgt. Chris Adams, Poteau (OK) PD

"The course was well thought out and taught. It inspired me to do much better background checks and the importance of doing good background investigations." Capt. Dustin Markgraf, Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center PD

"Excellent grasp of material, very knowledgable. I learned a lot. Didn't realize how much I didn't know."

Cpl. Scott D. Holt, Kittitas County (WA) Jail

"I enjoyed the examples provided. I have conducted backgrounds and wish I had the class prior to doing them."

Det. Stephanie Newcomb, Lacey (WA) PD

A lot of good info and presented well. Provided resources to use."

Det. Aaron Ernst, Auburn (WA) PD

"A lot of experience and very knowledgable on this topic. Gave a bunch of useful information to be more thorough in our hiring process. Excellent resources, forms and websites."  Ofc. Melissa Lindsay, Aurora, (IL) PD

"Very knowledgable/great experience. Great forms for personal use. Plenty of sites to verify information were given"

Corrections Sgt. Jennifer Buckingham, Lake County (IL) SO

"The in-depth knowledge and experience were refreshing and the information was communicated in a clear way. Great class applicable to beginners and veterans alike. Most in-depth background class I participated in. Denis Budai, Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife Enforcement

"I appreciate and engaging and non-monotone instructor. This was one of the few trainings I wasn't bored/checked out. Was a wealth of knowledge for us to complete background and feel confident on doing them now. I enjoyed the sharing of his own experiences."

Kayla Hodges, Rivercomm 911 (WA)

"Thank you for an excellent two days worth of training.  It was very well done, and it helped me connect a lot of dots of the entire background investigation process for our sworn employees, dispatchers and IT staff.  I believe we all walked away with a better understanding of the role of the investigator and the role of HR/Legal in determining whether or not to hire a candidate.  I have a few follow-ups to discuss with our Legal team, but it was definitely worth the two day training." HR Director ​Nicole Albertson, Bloomington, Illinois

"Did a great job presenting the material. He encouraged class participation. I really enjoyed the class. Nice PowerPoint binder. Clear and able to use and take notes. The presentation covered a wide range of material."

Background Investigator Nick Olsen, Elmhurst (IL) PD

"I really appreciate the examples used and the questions asked of us as participants. The content was thorough and the concepts were easily understood. Really like that the instructor sends us examples to use, takes the guesswork out of wat to do next." 

HR Director Bridget DiSanto, City of Oak Forest (IL)

"Good speaker! Engaged classroom and encourage participation. It has highlighted problems with current process, but also reinforced good policies. Make you think moments. Allows you to look in mirror and take stock of practices." 

DC Chad Meek, Bethany (OK) PD

"Very professional and enjoyable. Was able to relate to the class. Course was great. Very informational and delivered well.

Sgt. Richard Tyler, Perry (OK) PD

"Did a great job. Really enjoyed the class and learned a lot. Teaches in a way that keeps your attention. Learned new techniques for investigative purposes. Very well taught and easily understood." Det. Tony Harper, Skiatook (OK) PD.

"Took a previous background course and left as confused as I started. This course met and exceeded my expectations and now fell comfortable being able to perform a background investigation. Instructor was thorough and included analyzing new Washington laws."

Det. Chris Smith, WA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife


"Excellent instructor. You can really tell he understands the material. I have bene doing backgrounds for awhile and I still learned some new techniques I can take back to my agency. The strongest features were the practical application of materials and forms given."

Det. David Sanchez, Everett (WA) PD

"Instructor has a ton of knowledge and experience on this topic. He gave a lot of tips and information. I did not know or think about my own background investigations. Yips, advice, sample questions and worksheets for conducting our own investigations."

Det. Taylor Allen, Bellingham (WA) PD

"Great presentation. Lot of knowledge on subject matter as well. Subject matter was easy to understand, is very relative to my job and my expectations. Classroom interaction is a huge part of this class. Learning how other departments do backgrounds was helpful for myself."

Ofc. Thomas Johnson, Grand Coulee (WA) PD


"It was clear the presenter has a vast amount of experience in this topic. He gave lots of real-world examples of why thorough backgrounds are critical to our agencies. I wish I had this training before I did my first background investigation."

Det. Donny Graves, Wenatchee (WA) PD


"Presented dozens of ways for our agency to improve our background investigations. I have left this training with a greater understanding of what should be done and given the tools to do so." Cpl. Kael Brink, Nez Perce County (ID) SO


"Honestly, I came for the background portion but gained significant - and highly relevant - recruitment information I can take back to my agency. 

Ofc. Ashley Tobin, Port of Seattle PD


"It is imperative that law enforcement administrators have a thorough understanding of employee recruiting and the background investigation process. The instructor provides relevant and evidence-based material that will assist administrators grasp the major concepts of recruiting and applicant investigations." Chief Damon Simmons, Liberty Lake (WA) PD

"Instructor's knowledge made class enjoyable. Could have been a very boring class but was a good experience. Glad I attended."

Sgt. Nicholas Jacobson, Olmstead County (MN) SO

"Great presenter-gives good examples and case studies. This course provided a good base on background investigations and provided excellent examples and materials that can be used. I would recommend this class." Asst. Fire Chief Jay Forster, Bloomington (MN) Fire Department

"I have been completing backgrounds and still found the class had a lot to offer. I will be using techniques learned in the the future. I appreciated the teaching style and subject knowledge." Illinois DNR Officer Thomas Davis

"I would like to thank you for your outstanding class. I am with Midlothian Fire / Police commission and have learned a great deal when it comes to finding the right candidate." Joe Petrizzo, Midlothian (IL) Fire and Police Commission

"I enjoyed the Recruiting and Applicant Background Investigations course.  The course was engaging, and provided a ton of pertinent information when conducting a thorough background investigation.  I plan on sending all my detectives to this course."

Sgt. Jonathan Malacina, Burbank (IL) PD

"Excellent instructor. I plan on attending this class once a year to stay current with laws and general policy changes."

Lt. John Hoeksema (ret.), Rockford (IL) PD.

"The instructor took a lot of time to discuss the theory of what critical personality traits we are attempting to identify on our candidates, which helped to understand why we are doing what we do. I thought it was very helpful. Very specific on walking through the process and a great resource.

Lt. Steve Harris, Altoona (IA) PD

"Instructor's relevant job experience gives him credibility. Forms will be very helpful, thank you for those."

Sgt. Greg Truckee, Ida County (IA) SO

"Everything was great!. Great Information!  (The strongest features was) the instructor. Has experience, Has knowledge. Has personality, Very good.

Deputy Chief Reggie Cotton, Muskogee (OK) PD


"Did an excellent job explaining the subject and had interesting stories to go with the topics. I believe this course will make me a better background investigator and in turn, better my department. Great a great job making the course fun and interesting."  

Lt. Tyler Brogdon, Sapulpa (OK) PD


"Very good instructor. He was able to get the class to interact very well. I was very pleased. The course was very good. Very east to understand. 

Dep. Justin Henninger, Paine County (OK) SO

"Excellent info and this will effect the future of how background investigations will be done."

Det. Jonathan Black, Davis County (UT) SO

"Great information and the Included forms will help update our department procedures."

Sgt. Joseph Carter, Summit County (UT) Jail

"Very knowledgeable and showed interest in each of our departments. Very impressive background, I took away so much from this training. I feel as if the entire training was important to know and learn." Recruiter-Trooper Tara Wahlberg, Utah Highway Patrol

"Relevant material for any department looking to strengthen or revamp their hiring process."

Det. Jake Wollenberg, Glen Ellyn (IL) PD

"Course was detailed enough to allow me to learn and research additions to our existing template."

Detective Commander Joe Garrett, Oak Lawn (IL) PD

"Great idea with giving out sample forms. I never saw the importance and valuable recruiting was until this class."

Nick Yodelis, Alsip IL PD


"The strongest feature was the instructor's real-world experience and how he tied it into questions to firm up how to handle situations.

Chief Jason Reid, Oak Forest (IL) PD

"I liked how a lot of real life scenarios were used to drive home points. I thought this course would be really slow and dry. I learned new tactics to complete background investigations that I would not have ever thought about. Ofc. Cory Munsell, Noblesville (IN) PD


"This seminar sparked ideas that I can take back to my institution."  Det. Anthony Pearson, South Bend (IN) PD

"Great class and great stories. Covered a lot in 2 days.  I am a supervisor in my agency's recruiting/hiring section. This will help me when reviewing my investigator's files."  Sgt. Colin Whittington, Loudon Co. (VA) SO

"I was voluntold to come to this training and I had vacation scheduled this week. Having completed this training now, I am definitely glad I came and learned some valuable information.  I feel more prepared to conduct a proper and more complete background investigation in the future.

Det. David Barnes, Noblesville (IN) PD

"Very thorough and well organized presentation."  Lt. Bruce Barnes, Noblesville (IN) PD

"I have done background investigations the last few years.  I was able to confirm that many of the things/ways our backgrounds are conducted  are inline with best/common practices. Provided good resources . I am using it to evaluate our practices and forms."

Sgt. D. Walker, Manassas Park (VA) PD

"Great instructor and very well prepared." Cpl. J. Nowak, Arlington County (VA) SO Corrections


"Great at providing examples and highlighting areas of importance for recruiting and backgrounds that can often be overlooked. One of the more beneficial trainings that I have attended in my over 13 years in law enforcement."

Officer Dan Schyma, Apple Valley (MN) PD

“I now have a better understanding, where to start in my new position. I feel confident in conducting this important duty. Taught lesson in a way where it could be understood.” Sgt. Steven Hunter, Kankakee (IL) PD


“Very well spoken. Answered all questions. New concepts for doing backgrounds.”

Det. Lee Hoffman, Peoria County (IL) SO

“I’m not usually a fan of sitting in a classroom all day, but the instructor’s knowledge and engaging demeanor kept it very interesting.”

Inv. Mark Johnson,  Benton County (IA) SO


“Great presenter, probably due to his prior experience and education in the field. Very professional…(the strongest features were) the case examples, scenarios and a great presenter.” Det. Schonella Stewart, Oak Park (IL) PD

"Good tempo and engagement. I really liked the comfort and ease of the discussions. Really appreciate the electronic handouts."

Cpl. James Hancox, Marion (IA) PD

"Excellent presentation and I enjoyed the course very much which caused me to reflect upon myself and how I will conduct future investigations. I can not honestly identify a weakness or a single issue the presenter failed to make mention of."

Sgt. T.R. Wynecoop, Spokane (WA) Tribal PD

"Presented a lot (information) I did not know. Engaging and relatable.  Chief Nathan Shephard, Toledo (IA) PD

"I was the only communications supervisor in the class and never left me out in discussions and communication center scenarios. This was my second class with On-Target and I leave with new hope and tools to help our department."

Comm. Sup. Nancy Ray, Spokane International Airport PD

"Very good ideas and relevant information for this day and age.  The strongest feature was of what I have available to help me in the recruiting process."

Lt. Vaifoa Lealaitafea, Park City (UT) Police Department

"All of the information was relevant, thoroughly and clearly presented, and interesting. I came in with no idea how to do a background investigation, and I left feeling prepared to begin doing them."  Det. Jeremy Brown, Centerville (UT) Police Department

"Was very knowledgeable. Great at engaging the classroom. I feel very good about this. I am ready to use this information in my next background."

Deputy Adam Shelley, Salt Lake County (UT) Sheriff's Office

"Great information, lots to think about. The forms will assist with future background checks."

James White, Weber Area Dispatch 911 and Emergency Services (UT)

"I got a lot out of this course.  I was given a lot of great information to incorporate into my background investigations.  It was great because their forms (for background investigations) became our forms." Dustin Cheshire, Jail Commander, Uintah County (UT) Sheriff's Office

"This course provided a thorough view of the requirements and reasons  for completing solid background investigations. The recruitment portion provided alot of great ideas too."   Major Kim Edmondsen, Kootenai County (ID) Sheriff's Office

"The sample forms and processes were a huge help to get an effective program running to fulfill our hiring needs." (

Undersheriff Justin Knisley, Ferris County (WA) Sheriff's Office

"Great class. Exceeded my expectations. I had previously sent 2 of my investigators to another class and wished I could take that back and have them attended this instead."   Lt. Tim Rudloff, Thurston Co. (WA) Sheriff's Office

"Excellent knowledge in this subject matter....lots of energy and keeps the class engaged."

Sgt. Tim Ottmar, Spokane Police Department

"The material is excellently presented....prepared me very well to be a successful background investigator."

Sgt. Scott Novasky, Lakewood (WA) Police Department

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