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The Essentials

Crime Scene/Evidence photography is a learned, specialized and supplemental form of investigative case reporting. Acquired photography skills will often result in recording critical scene conditions or details that official written reports may not comprehensively describe.

November 1-2, 2021

November 9-10, 2021

November 15-16, 2021

November 29-30, 2021

Spring 2022

Spring 2022

Fall 2022

Marysville, WA

Darien, IL

Lawrence, IN

South Jordan, UT

Urbana, IL

Johnston, IA

Newman Lake, WA

Marysville Police Department

Darien Police Department

Lawrence Police Department

South Jordan Police Department

Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System

Iowa Law Enforcement Academy

Spokane County Sheriff Training Center

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Comments from attendees:

"This course is relevant and met my expectations and exceeded them. Well versed in the course material and presented it in an easy to understand way and makes sure to try and connect with and help each student." Det. Skyler Pearson, Latah County (WA) SO

"Came in with the struggle/no confidence with night time shots. I'm leaving today much more confident and have a bigger base to expand on when taking photos at night." Tech. Miranda Martinez, Moses Lake (WA) PD

"Great instructor. Very knowledgable about the topic. He explains it well so it is easy to understand. This course was excellent! Lots of practicals to make learning fun and easy."  Capt. Mike Sole, Sapulpa (OK) PD

"Very knowledgable, vast experience and experience instructor. I have been using this camera for 7 months and has a previous photography course. I still learned a truckload of new techniques to improve my proficiency." Forensic Technician Davide Freudiger, Norman (OK) PD


"Instructor is the epitome of an expert in the field of forensic science. His knowledge of the subject matter is so high he is able to communicate the content to everyday patrol officers." Ofc. Geunyoung Pak, Rolling Meadows (IL) PD

"Extremely knowledgeable and educated. Great public speaker."  Ofc. Jake Howard, Arlington Heights (IL) PD 

"This is the course I wish I could have taken as a precursor to me evidence technician roll. Provides a good foundation."

Ofc. David Ellis, Rolling Meadows (IL) PD

"When I came to this class, I didn't know anything about cameras/photography. By the end of the second day, I left confident. Great job."

Ofc. Austin Rosenbloom, Gibson City (IL) PD

"Great class. Broke down the tech of camera into simple terms. Left leaving the class with more knowledge of my camera."

Det. Curt Kneller, Morris (IL) PD

"This class was great!. Easy to talk to, personal and very knowledgeable. Easy to understand, engaging, great instructor, excited to apply new ideas and techniques."  Forensic Analyst Nicole Garrett, Unified (UT) PD


"This course was exactly what I wanted. I learned useful skills which I will be able immediately to put into practice. Good information but the best part was using the cameras, manuals and other equipment."  Ofc. John Wells, West Valley (UT) PD


"Understanding the camera and all the settings, as I am new to investigation, this helped me a lot. I will suggest this course to the rest of my team but also to patrol/line officers."  Ofc. Tyler Oliva, Tooele County (UT) SO

"Instructor was very knowledgeable and cared about the subject matter. He checked in with students throughout to ensure they understood topics and requested from each student if there were additional information they needed for their specific duties."

Det. Mark Anderson, Clark County (WA) SO

"Twenty years on the job and still walked away with something new. Enjoyed case examples, class discussion and flexibility with spending more time on subjects that were questioned with no rush to get through the slides." Forensic Specialist Trayce Boniecki, Spokane County SO


"Instructor is obviously an expert, experienced investigator and that translates well into his instructions."

Sgt. Mark Lewis, Moxee (WA) PD

"Instructor was able to simplify and clarify intimidating topics. I was able to feel comfortable with my equipment for the first time.

Lana Howard, Forensic Specialist, Carmel (IN) PD

“Instructor is very good at explaining / translating complex info to easily understandable terms."

"I've always found practicing tripod - sync cord to get oblique lit photos of unprocessed footprints in dust or fingerprints to be a helpful exercise."

"Excellent use of stories/experience to further the class material. Presented complex materials into easy to understand format. The classroom exercises were very helpful and the instructor how best to photograph certain things such as recovered firearms or vehicles!"


"This course was very helpful in getting to know how to use your equipment and where to find settings.  The mechanics and science of photography gives you a good foundation for taking good crime scene photos."

"I really got an understanding how the camera works and what it's capabilities are. I learned a lot of tips and tricks to help me with photographing scenes. The information provided was in a way for everyone to understand."