Collection, Preservation, Legal Standards 

With the increased importance and perception from the courts and public on crime scene and forensic skills, evidence collection and preservation must adhere to best practice procedures.  Skill sets learned can increase an agency’s case clearance rates and successful courtroom prosecution efforts, while simultaneously building public service satisfaction levels and their confidence in investigative efforts.

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September 29-30, 2021

Spring 2022

Fall 2022

Fall 2022

Newman Lake, WA

Urbana, IL

North Aurora, IL

Johnston, IA

Spokane County Sheriff Training Center

Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System

North Aurora Police Department

Iowa Law Enforcement Academy

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Comments from others:

"Great use of personal experiences. Far more training and experience (and passion) than any instructor I have has had in many years.  Fantastic introductory course. Training materials were top notch." Forensic Technician David Freudiger, Norman (OK) PD

"Extremely knowledgable. Instructor was also willing to help staying after class and offering his contact info." 

Ofc. Harrel Kendrick, Bixby (OK) PD

"Instructor was knowledgeable, experienced and had examples of application in his career.  The tricks of the trade will save me hours, days and cases. It will save headaches for me, and more headaches for defense attorneys."

Det. Timothy Spitzer, Galesburg (IL) PD


"It was obvious the instructor not only knew the material but was also passionate about it. I really enjoyed the class. Went beyond my expectation due to the knowledge and and experience of the instructor."

Ofc. Patrick Barnes, Glen Carbon (IL) PD

"This course is perfect for brand new or experienced law enforcement officers. You will learn something no matter how much you already know."

Det. Jon Evans, Lincoln County (WA) SO


"I have taken many evidence classes and the verbal teaching taught me more in 2 days than my week long classes.

Nicole Frazer, Washington State Gambling Commission

Exceeded my expectations. Excellent practicals. Instructor was super knowledgeable and explained all questions I had. Best part was how to speak in the courtroom and explaining "CSI" effect.  Ofc. Jason Kennedy, Poulsbo (WA) PD

"All of the inexpensive ideas to add to my evidence kit is going to come in very handy. These coupled with the hands on exercises really put things in perspective and helped my confidence."  Det. Tanisha Earl, Lewiston (ID) PD


"Brings real life experience to the classroom: what worked, what didn’t. (The strongest feature of this seminar) multiple techniques for collecting fingerprints using well known techniques as well as tried and true methods."

ET Rebecca, Boettjer, Monroe County (IN) SO

“Great job!

Ofc. Joshua Blocher, Noblesville (IN) PD


“Been in law enforcement for 19 years and the instructor opened my eyes on several subjects. Some things I had never thought of.”​


"Material covered was relevant and very applicable to my job duties. Instructor was very experienced and knowledgeable...and was always very open and available for questions.”

“Materials provided were excellent & instructor was very knowledgeable. I feel I have the practical skills to now perform a variety of forensic evidence recovery”.  

Bree Cowdrey, Sumner (WA) PD

“Did a great job of using real-world experience to deliver information in an easy to understand and practical manner”. 

Ward Kruse, Camas (WA) PD

“The relevant subject matter and interaction activities made learning more memorable. Explains the information in a simple, understandable way. 

Jason McDonald, Burlington (WA) PD