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The Secret of Your Success is Within Reach


Our consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities.

We offer  a wide variety of services including organization wide training, leadership development, workplace investigations services and consultation, as well as providing best practice expertise.


Our focus for your organization is on:


  • What we should expect from our public leaders and manager

  • Frameworks for effective action

  • Actions that leaders and managers can make to create the value for their public

  • Exploiting the potential for growth and movement forward






On-Target Solutions Group provides impactful training across the country. Our clients range from top executives through front line employees to enhance their work experience and develop them within the organzation.


On-Target Solutions Group training will make a difference for you within your organization. Whether you are an executive, supervisor or the emploee looking to move forward within your organzation, our training is designed to make a difference in your career.


Our training and testimonial links offer a variety of solutions for your training needs.




We at On-Target Consulting Group are expert strategists, helping organizations with their most complex challenges and building tailored solutions to help them achieve long-term results.

We begin by helping our clients assess the problem confronting the organization, then assist in developing a targeted, sustainable solution. 




"We look forward to working with you and your organization. Public service has so much potential for improvement.The framework must begin with the organizational philosphy of continous improvement. On-Target Solutions Group is anxious to work with you and your organization to enhance publice service and value!"


- Greg Anderson, Founder


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