On-Target Professional Standards and Internal Affairs

Nothing can be as highly charged, both inside your organizations and the public, as internal investigations. A fair process can improve ethics, morale, and support from your stakeholders. Proper management and investigation of complaints against employees is crucial to the well-being of an organization. This program will provide the participants the knowledge and insights to administer and conduct timely, objective and thorough internal investigation inquiries.

October 26-27, 2020

December 2-3, 2020

December 10-11, 2020

December 16-17, 2020

January 7-8, 2021

February 3-4, 2021

February 22-23, 2021

March 1-2, 2021

Spring 2021

March 13-14, 2020

Seminole, OK

Edina, MN

Glenview, IL

Sandy, UT

Urbana, IL

Lawrence, IN

Johnston, IA

Newman Lake, WA

O'Fallon, MO

Freeport, IL

Seminole Police Department     CLEET# 18-2405

South Metro Public Safety Training Facility  POST 10444-0011

Northeastern Illinois Public Safety Training Academy

Utah Peace Officers Standards and Training

Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System

Lawrence Police Department    LETB Provider 47-1487003

Iowa Law Enforcement Academy

Spokane County Sheriff's Training Center

Law Enforcement Training Institute

Northwest Illinois Criminal Justice Commission

Comments from attendees:

"Great content and good examples." Lt. Terry Schreiber, Brookfield (IL) PD

"Excellent content and clear direction. Very focused." Supervisor George Martinez, Illinois Liquor Control Commission

"Too short!  Well versed in subject matter."  Patrol Cmdr. Stanley Tecza, Tinley Park (IL) PD

"Very good pertinent information. Exactly the information I needed. Helped me with legal aspects as well as best practices. Will assist me in conducting IA investigations as well as case management." Capt. Sonya Richardson, Falls Church (VA) PD

"This was a good course...pertaining to IA and will be applied along with interview skills."

Sgt. D. Walker, Manassas Park (VA) PD

"A wealth of knowledge on employees rights and case law."

Lt. H. Michael Beatty, Loudon County (VA) SO

"Great knowledge of the job and ares of instruction. Met and exceeded my expectations. Well taught.”

Asst. Chief Nathan Thode, LaPorte City (IN) PD

"This was a great class. I would look forward to advising other officers to attend this class.” 

Sgt. Wiley Cuttino, Merrillville (IN) PD

“Great information taught by a very educated and experienced law enforcement professional. Did a great job engaging and providing examples to assist in better understanding and enjoying the material presented”.

Chief Cameron Arthur, Jenks (OK) PD

"Very knowledgeable in the subject matter. Made the process very clear and interesting. I love the we were provided good samples of IA forms that we could modify.”  Lt. Steve Harris, Altoona (IA) PD

"Very personable and knowledgeable and well spoken. His real life experience adds to the relatability of the course. 

Det. Jacob McCleary, Muscatine County (IA) SO


Thanks for the documents and the class information.  I am glad you referred to correction in your discussions.  Many times when we go to training our part and we are forgotten.  During the class you confirmed we (at the sheriff’s department) are doing many things right, can improve on some, and boosted my confidence in my task ahead. The fact that discipline should be positive and negative hit home with me and will be something I work on, thanks."  Lt. Theodore Uchiek, Lake County (IL) SO

"Maintained positive attitude and openness throughout. I truly appreciated the lessons taught, shared and retained. This will carry me throughout my career”.  Deputy Chief Charles Crockett, Lake County (IL) SO

“Experienced law enforcement professional with hands on experience in the subject matter having performed the IA function in several department”.

Deputy Chef Ken Gross, Forest Park (IL) PD

“The strongest features of this seminar was the instructor’s understanding of subject matter. Scenarios were applicable to subject matter and built understanding”.

Lt. Jason Shaw, Galesburg (IL) PD

"I wish I had this information last year. I could take it again. Lots of good information was presented. I could take it again.”

Lt. Max James, Yakima County (WA) SO

"Extremely knowledgeable. Provided in-depth historical internal affairs examples and best practices got fair and impartial investigations.  This class gave me a good foundation to do internal affairs."

Lt. Sean O'Laughlin, Eastern Washington University Police Department

"Thank you for a great class and all the sample documents!"

Misty Viebrock, Executive Director, RiverCom 911 (WA)

"I have been looking for a course like this for years that explains a complete way how to best conduct these investigations. This course exceeded my expectations and I will recommend to other agencies”. 

Capt. Kyle Johnson, Little Falls (MN) PD

"Extremely eye-opening and informative. Made it very easy to be able to access material and information later that I will need."

Lt. Steve Sabourin, Duvall (WA) Police Department

"There was more in this course   that is applicable to my job in Internal Affairs than there was in a 5 day course I took when I first started this assignment, Totally worth it."  Sgt. Michael Carr, Internal Affairs, Spokane (WA) PD

"Instructor's experience and practical insights were invaluable."

Sandra Ewing, Professional Standards Manager, Rochester (MN) Police Department

"This was very relevant and informative training. One of the best things was the fact that the instructor, Greg Anderson, was teaching from personal knowledge and experience and not just theory and research. His style was relaxed, positive, and open to questions. I gained not only practical tips which I can immediately apply but I also gained a better insight to the level and type of IA investigations conducted in Police, Fire and other public works departments in surrounding municipalities."  Lt. Levester Denham, Commanding Officer - Internal Affairs, Chicago Police Department

"Excellent eye-opener  for fire department personnel who don't normally interview or investigate on a regular basis."

Fire Chief Peter Chiodo, Schiller Park (IL) Fire Department

Very knowledgeable in the subject and taught it in a manner which made learning happen.  I would love to take another class with them. "

Sgt. Scott Streltzoff, Spokane County (WA) SO

"Great instructor, good experience, I enjoy his style of teaching. His personal examples fit into his lesson". 

Capt. Adam Diaz,  Franklin County (WA) SO

"Very informative instructor along with current course materials. Helped me put Internal Affairs information together and changes that will improve our department".  Deputy Chief Erich Schlachta, Elburn (IL) PD

" Very organized class.  Enjoyed variety of stories related to subject matter. Very informative course. Would recommend to other IA investigators."

Sgt. Steve Emberton, Blue Springs (MO) PD

"Great course  - recommended for IA investigators and administrators overseeing the investigations."

Supt. Keith Willis, Champaign County (IL) Juvenile Detention Center

"Both the course and instructor gave a clear and concise game plan to conduct internal investigations, to include real-life scenarios."

Sgt. Jason Boesdorfer, Sangamon County (IL) SO

"Information provided is excellent and will benefit an investigator in IA."  

Deputy Chief Barry Kauther, Itasca (IL) Police Department

"This course exceeded my is not just another training class, everything learned is applicable in today's operations."

Dave Lowry, McHenry County (IL) Corrections 

"Made a complicated subject  very easy to understand by providing real life examples.  The strongest feature of  this seminar was suggestions to update existing policies and new policies to get implemented to prevent future incidents. 

Chief Deputy Ardyth Slight, Muscatine County (IA) Sheriff's Office

"Great for all HR directors..great work history to back up material"  

HR Director Dawn Aldridge, Clinton County (IA)

"Materials presented about conducting IA investigations were "on-target". Material directly related to IA investigations.  Met expectations and has great relevance." Asst. Bureau Chief Todd Koenig, Iowa Department of Public Safety

"Fantastic instructor....and powerful speaker. Wish I had this training 10 years ago."  

Sgt. Joseph Torok, Porter (IN) Police Department

"Extremely eye-opening and informative (Internal Affairs and Professional Standards). Made it very easy to be able to access material and information later that I will need."  Lt. Steve Sabourin, Duvall (WA) Police Department

"Helped reduce my fears of handling and IA investigation...delivered a great presentation filled with knowledge and experience."  Cmdr. Blake Garcia, Berkeley (IL) Police Department

"Providing real examples was helpful and added to the information presented."

Deputy Chief Erik Bernholdt, Hinsdale (IL) Police Department

"Provided a tremendous amount of examples from experience...gave real life examples."

Sgt. Glenn Brothen, Oak Lawn (IL) Police Department

"This course identified the proper steps and common mistakes made conducting investigations. The information I learned will benefit me as a supervisor, as well as rights and protections for my employees."  Division Chief Kyle Hensch, Urbana (IL) Fire Department

"Answered questions effectively and used great examples."  Brian Nightlinger, Fire Chief, Urbana (IL) Fire Department

"Great class. Got me thinking about shoring up our policies and procedures."  

Division Chief Chad Hensch, Urbana (IL) Fire Department

"Class was excellent. Real life examples to illustrate the points clearly and were memorable"  

Jonathan Whowell, Chief of Police, Plano (IL) Police Department

"I really enjoyed the Internal Affairs class...brought up a lot of things I never considered before."

Sherri Jeffery,  Dallas PD Internal Affairs

"A must attend for anybody in IA or command level position."

Lt. Phil Johnson, Washington State Fish and Wildlife Police

"Dynamic instructor.  Step by step walk thru of to start a case and carry to finish.  Will be looking for more classes with them..."

Capt. Elizabeth Duncan-Burge, Jefferson County (IL) Sheriff's Office

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