On-Target Solutions for Managers and Supervisors

Solutions for Managers and Supervisors is a career development tool to enhance and refine the leadership skills of experienced and new supervisors as well as a platform for those to be promoted to supervisory positions. This course is highly dynamic and involves a self-assessment and the realization that the people are the true assets of their agency. Participants will understand the importance of their role in the shared vision of their agency and how they individually impact the organizational mission.

September 8-9, 2020

October 12-13, 2020

October 19-20, 2020

October 21-22, 2020

October 28-29 2020

Spring 2021

Spring 2021

March 3-4, 2021

Lawrence, IN

Urbana, IL

Johnston, IA

Edina, MN

Seminole, OK

Hobart, IN

Jenks, OK

Newman Lake, WA

Lawrence Police Department    LETB# 48-1487003

Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System

Iowa Law Enforcement Academy

South Metro Public Safety Training Facility POST# 10444-0010

Seminole Police Department     CLEET# 18-2407

Northwestern Indiana Law Enforcement Academy LETB#47-1487003


Jenks Police Department    CLEET# 18-2407


Spokane County Sheriff's Training Center

Comments from attendees:

"Covered topics on best practices for supervisors. Many classes focus on the general leadership principles, this class gets into the "how to" of the job."

Sgt. Katy Miller, Carmel (IN) PD

"Well knowledgeable in effective leadership and supervision and presented the topic in a way that was easy to follow. He allowed for group discussion which was beneficial. The class exceeded my expectations  with lots of material applicable to my position.

Sgt. Andrew Whipker, Batholomew (IN) County SO

"Has the experience to support the material presented. Real experiences shared made the class more enjoyable. I've been to several supervisor and management courses and this ranks among the best. 

Lt. Adam Miller, Carmel (IN) PD

“Course was well presented and very knowledgeable on the topic. Topics were based on current law enforcement climate.”

Commander Jeff Cook, Schererville (IN) PD


"Gave different insight from employee to supervisors and how to approach difficult situations. (or supervisor to employee)”

Special Agent Dan Hernandez, Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad PD

"Clear and organized information. Several things covered that I will use now. Refocus on people management—clear and easy to follow and use immediately.”  Sgt. Mike Dingman, Centerville (UT) PD


"Very knowledgeable in leadership. Explains the content very well. Has  good life experience and great examples pertaining to different topics.”

Lt. Conrad Pollard, Salt Lake County SO


"Instructor was interesting and kept things “On-Target”. Learned about strategies and techniques for leadership but also learned about my own personal leadership tendencies.” Sgt. Chad Larsen, Orem (UT) PD

"Many ideas were refresher but also many new ideas and tips  Had entire command staff attend and had positive response and buy-in." 

Chief Martin McCoy, Auburn (IN) PD

"Great class - worth the drive. Great instructor and so knowledgeable. Like the the real life examples. Would like more".

Sandra Albertson, Records Manager, Everett (WA) PD

"Clear examples were provided that rang true in my unit. Often these type of classes explain the "what" and don't address the "how". Clear examples were provided to walk you through the "how".  Sgt. Krista Bair, Seattle PD

"Practical, easy to understand, strategies for supervising. First course in 5 years as a supervisor that I have taken that gave me practical tools I can use right away". Sgt. Ron Campbell, Seattle PD

"Points were supported with real life scenarios. The class was not so law enforcement centric that other supervisors couldn't benefit. Great presentation that makes it easy to learn." Sgt. Kendall Smith, Bothell (WA) PD

"This is the best, most useful supervisor training  I have attended. I developed more in these 2 days that I did in a 4+ weeks of prior leadership training.   

Sgt. Robert Gross, Lake Forest Park (WA) PD

“Some of the best instruction  in my career. Knowledgeable instructors being involved with the class. Should be mandatory…”

Chief Benjamin Davis, Fayette (IA) Police Department

"More than met my expectations . I have been to several recent leadership classes and this one tied them all together."

Sgt. Thad Monroe, Northfield (MN) Police Department

"Insight on changing behaviors  and evaluating employee's behavior to the benefit of the employees and representation of our departments"

Chief Jeff Shrock, Meskwaki Nation (IA) Police Department

"Real world solutions on "how" to be a better supervisor. Gave examples on how to actually coach and mentor."  

Sgt. Stephanie Braun, Ankeny (IA) Police Department

"As a new chief I have attended a few supervisor trainings. I feel that this is by far one of the very best. I plan on sending the rest of my supervisors the next time the training is in Iowa."   Chief Dustin Dallenbach, Independence (IA) Police Department

"Great class and I am going to start using (what I learned) immediately.  Instructor had a wealth of experience and taught me to better myself to improve my team."  Sgt. Brian Koch,  Ponderay (ID) Police Department

"Wish my management team would attend and would make it easier for 1st line supervisors and whole department"  

Sgt. Lucas Martin, Nez Perce (WA) County Sheriff's Office

"One of the best supervisor trainings I have attended."

Sgt. Tim Scott, Douglas County (WA) Sheriff's Office

This is not only relevant to all levels of supervision, it is also necessary to be a quality supervisors for our employees and employers." 

Sgt. Jarin Dunnigan, Carbondale, (IL) Police Department

"Definitely gained knowledge and useful information which I can apply to my role as a supervisor. Great knowledgeable instructor."  

Sgt. Jason Ford, Orland Park (IL) Police Department

"Highly recommend this course to all levels of supervision."

Lynn Fetch, FDA Program Supervisor, Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Control Board

"The personal examples and life lessons passed on took a great training and made it exceptional."

Sgt. Julie Judson, Washington State Patrol

"I have been a supervisors for 5+ years and I wish this training was available earlier. The instructor explained how to use this information to daily operations."   Sgt. Paul Adamson, Reno (NV) Police Department

"I would strongly recommend this (supervision) course for all supervisors or those who aspire to become supervisors. It provides the tools to develop them personally and improve their understanding of this extremely important role."  

David M. Brown, P.E Director of Public Works, Village of Vernon Hills (IL)

"The course showed me as a supervisor what I am doing right and what I need to do better to be a successful supervisor"  

Cpl. Bill Granzow, Hobart (IN) Police Department

"I have already utilized things that we took away from your class.  We had a pre-scheduled ‘State of the Unit’ meeting with our unit and the timing of the goals and objectives portion of your class was impeccable!" 

Forensic Unit Supervisor Jodie Dewey, Spokane County Sheriff's Office

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