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On-Target Solutions for Executives, Managers and Supervisors

Solutions for Managers and Supervisors is a career development tool to enhance and refine the leadership skills of experienced and new supervisors as well as a platform for those to be promoted to supervisory positions. This course is highly dynamic and involves a self-assessment and the realization that the people are the true assets of their agency. Participants will understand the importance of their role in the shared vision of their agency and how they individually impact the organizational mission.

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Host: Davis County Sheriff's Office

Location: Davis County Training Room 211

28 E State St, Farmington, Utah

May 8-9, 2024

Host: Clearwater County Sheriff's Office

Location: Orofino Police Department

1075 Michigan Ave. Orofino Idaho 8354

June 11-12, 2024

League City Police Department

555 W. Walker Street  League City, TX 77573

October 2-3, 2024

Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System
1701 E. Main St.  Urbana, IL 61802

Fall 2024

Coming Soon

Norman Police Investigations Center

1507 W Lindsey St,  Norman OK 73069

Spring 2025

Coming Soon

CLEET Cataloged

Oak Forest Police Department

15540 S. Central Ave., Oak Forest, IL 60452

Spring 2025

Coming Soon

Host: Temple Police Department

Location: Temple College

2600 S 1st St. Temple, TX 76504

May 9-10, 2024

Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office - Training Academy

9225 S. 68th Street, Franklin, WI  53132

September 18-19, 2024

Puyallup Police Department Training Center

531 39th Ave SE Puyallup, WA 98374

October 31-November 1, 2024

Iowa Law Enforcement Academy

7105 NW 70th Avenue, Johnston, IA 50131

Spring 2025

Coming Soon

Kansas City Regional Police Training Academy 

6885 NE Pleasant Valley Rd. Kansas City MO 64119 Spring 2025

Coming Soon

Missouri POST Control # 21513

Spokane County Sheriff Training Center

13033 W. SR 902     Spokane, WA 99224

Spring 2025

Coming Soon

"Great content-gives a new/different perspective on what and how to continue working with staff for betterment of themselves and the department."

Police Services Program Manager Tracey Landry, Everett (WA) PD

"As always I find your classes to be both beneficial and a pleasure to attend!  I appreciate you sharing your real-life experiences with the class, no death by PowerPoint!  Hope to see you again in the fall. Thanks again."

Capt. Jeff Cowdrey, University of Kansas Medical Center Police Department

"Instructor knows the topic. It was beneficial to do the excercises that make you think how we apply the techniques."

Sgt. Isaac Short, Mariona County (IA) SO

"Presented a very organized class that was motivating to return to my department with. The strongets features were the examples given from his experiences."  Sgt. Michael Wood, Winterset (IA) PD

"Many instructors lose their audience after the first 5 minutes.  They brag about themselves, their high rank, years of experience and how incredibly smart they are. What makes you so captivating (likeable and believable) is you gave us just enough to know you have done this a while and made many mistakes. I want to learn from others mistakes so I don’t have to make them all myself. The information was pertinent and sprinkled with personal experiences which made your presentation impactful and memorable."

Sgt. Katharine Coots, Kan sas City (MO) PD

"First and foremost, thank you for your years of service. I thought the reinforcement of continuous communication and outlining expectations was an excellent reminder of our duty to supervise. The inclusion of the videos was effective and enjoyable."

Sgt. Jamie Lawson, Lawrence (KS) PD

"I really enjoyed the 2-day seminar. The instructor was knowledgeable, engaging, and easy to follow. The instructor’s explanation of the DISC profile was useful and better than the one I previously completed. I learned a lot of skills that will be useful to my organization, some of which I have already began to implement." PSO Supervisor Shayla Fenceroy, Milwaukee County SO

"One of the best classes I have had where I was able to absorb so much information and see how it directly affected my current style of leadership and where I need to start changing with new growth. Extremely engaging material with the right instructor."

Danielle Bowen, Latah County (ID) SO

I've been to a lot of trainings and this one was the most informative and engaging. The information was the most useful and beneficial to my day to day. Job relevance - 100% everyone should take this course from FTO on up. Cpl. Brianna Zachary, Latah County (ID) SO

"There are a lot of examples in the material that my Supervisor and I took notes on that might help us with some of our current issues. I appreciate that you included dispatch in a lot of your examples instead of using all law enforcement based examples, I appreciate that."

Operations Manager Jeremiah Johnson, RiverCom 911

"The absolute best thing about this class was that it teaches functional leadership instead of theoretical. I liked the practical exercises, which, as a high "C" I do not usually enjoy. Thanks for a great class." Ofc. Justin Gregson, Sumner (WA) PD

"Again, this seminar was extraordinary. I've actually taken it before, but am preparing to apply for a promotion and immediately knew this was a training I NEEDED. I really appreciated the breakdown of leadership styles, and how most effective type of leader is determined by the situation. I also took a lot away on how to create a culture of trust among my team members, and the value of facilitating a stable leadership structure and being a career mentor. This was such a valuable training!!!" Processing Supervisors Kaley Zenger, Salt Lake County SO


"Thank you for the opportunity to attend your seminars this past week. It was some of the best information that I have received on being a supervisor. There were many things that I took way from your class, and your experiences as a supervisor your self, along with many things that I can do better to help myself along with the guys I manage. It made me look at myself in a productive and self building view with my career and my home life."

Asst. Facility Manager San Schwartz, Salt Lake County SO

"I will be sending other supervisors and Managers. Loved all of the exercises and interaction with others in the class. That says a lot from a 10+introvert."

Administrative Services Manager Mihkaela Overbay, RiverCom911 (WA)


"Instructor gave real life examples. Provided ideas, content and materials I will use at my agency in the future. Provided tips and tools for me to use with my team."  Sgt. Joe Sieverding, Moscow (ID) PD


"Did a great job. He made it interesting and kept the class involved. For just a two-day class good fit and a lot of stuff."

Capt. Nathan Reiner, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks


"Did a great job explaining the subject matter. I was initially concerned it would be too law enforcement focused, ut the instructor did a great job to include communications."  Communications Supervisors Tricia Bellizzi, Issaquah (WA) PD

"Great knowledge of material with real world experience. I will be sending more staff to On-Target training. Good material, good instructor."

Sheriff Joseph Carico, Warren County (IA) SO

"Most knowledgable presenter I've had in 24 years of law enforcement. Amazing variety of topics covered. Comprehensive and thorough."

Sgt. Darin Risinger, Maquoketa (IA) PD

"Very informative and down to earth. Relatable. This taught me more than just how to manage. This taught how to supervise individuals and how to recognize each individual's personalities and how that affects how we supervise."

Cpl. Destini Ramirez, Poteau (OK) PD


"Instructor has great leadership knowledge. Hands on / group projects are very helpful to keep engagement for the class."

Master P.O. Neelon Greenwood, Norman (OK) PD


"Did a great job teaching and giving good examples. The best course I have attended in years."

Sgt. Ronnie Thompson, Collinsville (OK) PD

"The instructor made the course easy to follow and enjoy. This course provided great tools that we can incorporate in our agency."

Lt. Noel Ybarra, Milwaukee County SO

"Use of practical examples and exercises were effective. Great examples (real world) to bring home points of seminar. Thank you."

Sgt. Robert Glejf, Mequon (WI) PD


"The instructor's knowledge was evident on the subject matter. Very engaging classroom exercises."

Sgt. Ali-Raza Govani, Brown Deer (WI) PD

"Great understanding on how to become a better supervisor. Wish more people would take it."

Dep. Jason Sandt, Snohomish County (WA) SO

Engaging and fun to learn. Had an answer for every question. Should be required for all managers and supervisors before and during management positions."  Ofc. David Pollette, Puyallup (WA) PD

Very engaging, requires participation, easily relatable with life stories."

Office Manager Amanda Hunter, Tulalip Tribal (WA) PD

"Instructor was very knowledgable about the subject matter. This course exceeded my expectations. I would recommend this course to my supervisors."

Chief Krandall Kahrahrah, Apache (OK) PD

"Made the content interesting and interactive. Outstanding course. Relevant to my position and gave me new ideas to support my officers."

Lt. Roger Peters, Warr Acres (OK) PD

Very relevant course material and instructor had excellent personal experience scenarios to match the course material. I was able to take several pages of Notes on ideas that I will take back to my shift and implement."  Capt. Zachery Knight, Oklahoma University Health Science Center PD

"Actually relevant to non-commissioned personnel as well as commissioned. Lots to take back to work with me." 

Unit Operations Leader Angela Martin, Oklahoma City PD

"Excellent job. Exceeded my expectations. Provided me with tools to accomplish the goals of my organization. I am excited to implement what I have learned." Cpl. Andrew Peck, Chickasha (OK) PD

"The contents of this course are invaluable as a supervisor. Did a great job explaining the subject matter and came across very knowledgable and was able to back up with real life experiences." Sgt. Alex Eddlemon, Peoria County (IL) SO

"Excellent training. I'm excited to go back with new skills and work to help my subordinates to do great things. Instructor was personable, understandable and used experiences to help make concepts understandable and relatable. Master Sgt. Amber-Lee Dunn, Illinois State Police

"One of the best law enforcement courses I've been in. Helps bring lots of tools and ideas for me to improve myself/department. 

Lt. Nick Butterflied, Peoria County (IL) SO

"As as a chief it's a must to know what my sergeants and captains are being taught so this should be attended by upper management. Exceeded my expectations and solid content." Chief Don Tardiff, Stillaguamish Tribal (WA) PD

"I gained more in two days than from a career level 40 hour course. I'll be recommending it." Sgt. Maurice Parrish, Lake Forest Park (WA) PD

"Very informative, passionate about the subject matter. Wish I would have taken this course when I was first promoted. Teaches real management, leadership skill to be better." Lt. Josh Johnson, Bartlesville, (OK) PD

"This is the third course I've taken with On-Target. Provides relevant, meaningful, and pertinent information that can be applied to real-life situations."

Ofc. Ben Hollander, Bartlesville (OK) PD 

"The instructor told stories that mattered: they were on topic. Made us think about our shared experiences while being entertaining for cops." 

Sgt. Andrew Stockman, Spokane County SO

"The presentations were great, the exercises made the training more enjoyable. Very well done. My expectations weren't high, by this got me excited."

Cpl. Dan Hanley, Glenpool (OK) PD

"Very good communicator, Excellent delivery, kept it interesting. The exercises that were performed were well times during the entire 2 day training session. Organization of the information and material was very well timed."

Sgt. Robert Boals, Bartlesville (OK) PD

"Was concerned that the class would be a typical management class. Was very happy with the content and information. The strongest feature was learning how to to present to your people by using their personality type was very helpful."

Sgt. Matthew Graves, Glenpool OK PD

"Great real-world examples, experiences. Tone and presentation of material was good. Relative about understanding the differences between people's personalities." Dep. Jeremy McNeal, Whitman County (WA) SO

"Very good at putting the material together. Able to provide examples that work.  Provides great ideas to take back to the agency.  Would like to see more supervisors to go through the class to all be on the same page."

Sgt. Thomas Leonard, Scott County (IA) SO

"Well informed and experienced instructor. Enjoyed class especially class one on one interactions. 

Major David Teuscher, Norman (OK) PD

"Instructor is knowledgeable and very passionate about delivering the material. Valuable content based on his years of experience."

Lt. Larry Payne, Ardmore (OK) PD


"Very knowledgeable, easy to understand the elements. Made me think about the ways I am dealing with supervisors and officers. I will take this back this back to my department and implement these methods." Deputy Chief Pete Sellers, Sapulpa (OK) PD


"Excellent, kept attention the whole time / presented material very well. Gave good information on some angles to try to help better myself and my department. Sgt. Clark Myers, Robinson (IL) PD


"Covered topics on best practices for supervisors. Many classes focus on the general leadership principles, this class gets into the "how to" of the job."

Sgt. Katy Miller, Carmel (IN) PD

"Well knowledgeable in effective leadership and supervision and presented the topic in a way that was easy to follow. He allowed for group discussion which was beneficial. The class exceeded my expectations  with lots of material applicable to my position.

Sgt. Andrew Whipker, Batholomew (IN) County SO

"Has the experience to support the material presented. Real experiences shared made the class more enjoyable. I've been to several supervisor and management courses and this ranks among the best. 

Lt. Adam Miller, Carmel (IN) PD

“Course was well presented and very knowledgeable on the topic. Topics were based on current law enforcement climate.”

Commander Jeff Cook, Schererville (IN) PD


"Gave different insight from employee to supervisors and how to approach difficult situations. (or supervisor to employee)”

Special Agent Dan Hernandez, Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad PD

"Clear and organized information. Several things covered that I will use now. Refocus on people management—clear and easy to follow and use immediately.”  Sgt. Mike Dingman, Centerville (UT) PD


"Very knowledgeable in leadership. Explains the content very well. Has  good life experience and great examples pertaining to different topics.”

Lt. Conrad Pollard, Salt Lake County SO


"Instructor was interesting and kept things “On-Target”. Learned about strategies and techniques for leadership but also learned about my own personal leadership tendencies.” Sgt. Chad Larsen, Orem (UT) PD

"Many ideas were refresher but also many new ideas and tips  Had entire command staff attend and had positive response and buy-in." 

Chief Martin McCoy, Auburn (IN) PD

"Great class - worth the drive. Great instructor and so knowledgeable. Like the the real life examples. Would like more".

Sandra Albertson, Records Manager, Everett (WA) PD

"Clear examples were provided that rang true in my unit. Often these type of classes explain the "what" and don't address the "how". Clear examples were provided to walk you through the "how".  Sgt. Krista Bair, Seattle PD

"Practical, easy to understand, strategies for supervising. First course in 5 years as a supervisor that I have taken that gave me practical tools I can use right away". Sgt. Ron Campbell, Seattle PD

"Points were supported with real life scenarios. The class was not so law enforcement centric that other supervisors couldn't benefit. Great presentation that makes it easy to learn." Sgt. Kendall Smith, Bothell (WA) PD

"This is the best, most useful supervisor training  I have attended. I developed more in these 2 days that I did in a 4+ weeks of prior leadership training.   

Sgt. Robert Gross, Lake Forest Park (WA) PD

“Some of the best instruction  in my career. Knowledgeable instructors being involved with the class. Should be mandatory…”

Chief Benjamin Davis, Fayette (IA) Police Department

"More than met my expectations . I have been to several recent leadership classes and this one tied them all together."

Sgt. Thad Monroe, Northfield (MN) Police Department

"Insight on changing behaviors  and evaluating employee's behavior to the benefit of the employees and representation of our departments"

Chief Jeff Shrock, Meskwaki Nation (IA) Police Department

"Real world solutions on "how" to be a better supervisor. Gave examples on how to actually coach and mentor."  

Sgt. Stephanie Braun, Ankeny (IA) Police Department

"As a new chief I have attended a few supervisor trainings. I feel that this is by far one of the very best. I plan on sending the rest of my supervisors the next time the training is in Iowa."   Chief Dustin Dallenbach, Independence (IA) Police Department

"Great class and I am going to start using (what I learned) immediately.  Instructor had a wealth of experience and taught me to better myself to improve my team."  Sgt. Brian Koch,  Ponderay (ID) Police Department

"Wish my management team would attend and would make it easier for 1st line supervisors and whole department"  

Sgt. Lucas Martin, Nez Perce (WA) County Sheriff's Office

"One of the best supervisor trainings I have attended."

Sgt. Tim Scott, Douglas County (WA) Sheriff's Office

This is not only relevant to all levels of supervision, it is also necessary to be a quality supervisors for our employees and employers." 

Sgt. Jarin Dunnigan, Carbondale, (IL) Police Department

"Definitely gained knowledge and useful information which I can apply to my role as a supervisor. Great knowledgeable instructor."  

Sgt. Jason Ford, Orland Park (IL) Police Department

"Highly recommend this course to all levels of supervision."

Lynn Fetch, FDA Program Supervisor, Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Control Board

"The personal examples and life lessons passed on took a great training and made it exceptional."

Sgt. Julie Judson, Washington State Patrol

"I have been a supervisors for 5+ years and I wish this training was available earlier. The instructor explained how to use this information to daily operations."   Sgt. Paul Adamson, Reno (NV) Police Department

"I would strongly recommend this (supervision) course for all supervisors or those who aspire to become supervisors. It provides the tools to develop them personally and improve their understanding of this extremely important role."  

David M. Brown, P.E Director of Public Works, Village of Vernon Hills (IL)

"The course showed me as a supervisor what I am doing right and what I need to do better to be a successful supervisor"  

Cpl. Bill Granzow, Hobart (IN) Police Department

"I have already utilized things that we took away from your class.  We had a pre-scheduled ‘State of the Unit’ meeting with our unit and the timing of the goals and objectives portion of your class was impeccable!" 

Forensic Unit Supervisor Jodie Dewey, Spokane County SO

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