Solutions to Improve Performance

Evaluating performance is critical for any organization.  Many executives and supervisors do not understand the ramifications of not conducting such appraisals effectively.  Effective performance appraisals "set the stage" for the future development of employees as well as laying the groundwork for future employment decisions.   This training will provide concrete, specific and uplifting solutions to conduct such appraisals.

September 10, 2020

October 14, 2020


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October 30, 2020

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Fall 2020

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Comments from attendees:

“This provided a great foundation for implementing a formal, professional employee evaluation process.”   

Chief Kyle Kolling, Clyde Hill (WA) PD

"I trust his instruction because of credibility and legitimacy. Provided personal stories directly adaptable to the subject matter that I could relate to and put into context."  Dep. Scott Wells, Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission (WA)

"Very knowledgeable about the topic and very willing to bring class knowledge and participation into the fold. This class provided me a lot of great information to take back to my agency."  Sgt. Ryan Pittman, Mills County (IA) Sheriff's Office

"Good discussion and examples. Kept things moving and subject matter was on point. Has done the job and credibility is there. I have a ton of ideas to take back to my department. Didn't really find anything I won't use."   

Chief Lisa Kepford, Tipton (IA) Police Department

"Overall much needed training. Learned some fresh ideas and ways to track performance".  

Commander Kelly Carroll, Dyer (IN) Police Department

"Instructor knows the topic and had a usable, well thought out presentation. We will be changing our evaluation process, both in policy and the evaluation form currently used".  Commander Brian Neyhart, Schererville (IN) Police Department

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