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Solutions to Improve Performance

Evaluating performance is critical for any organization.  Many executives and supervisors do not understand the ramifications of not conducting such appraisals effectively.  Effective performance appraisals "set the stage" for the future development of employees as well as laying the groundwork for future employment decisions.   This training will provide concrete, specific and uplifting solutions to conduct such appraisals.

Lake Zurich Police Department

200 Mohawk Trail, Lake Zurich, IL, 60047

August 22, 2024 8:00am-4:00pm

Iowa Law Enforcement Academy

7105 NW 70th Ave, Johnston, IA

October 11, 2024

League City Police Department

555 W. Walker Street  League City, TX 77573

October 4, 2024

Kansas City Regional Police Training Academy 

6885 NE Pleasant Valley Rd. Kansas City MO 64119 

Spring 2025

Coming Soon

Missouri POST Control # 21945

Spokane County Sheriff Training Center

13033 W. SR 902    Spokane, WA 99224

 Spring 2025

Coming Soon

Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office - Training Academy

9225 S. 68th Street, Franklin, WI  53132

September 20, 2024

Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System
1701 E. Main St.   Urbana, IL 61802

January 15, 2025

Puyallup Police Department Training Center

531 39th Ave SE Puyallup, WA 98374

Spring 2025

Coming Soon

South Metro Public Safety Training Facility

7525  Braemar Blvd., Edina, MN 55439

Spring 2025

Coming Soon

Minnesota Post Approved

Norman Police Investigations Center

1507 W Lindsey St,  Norman OK 73069

Spring 2025

Coming Soon

CLEET Cataloged

Oak Forest Police Department

15540 S. Central Ave., Oak Forest, IL 60452

Spring 2025

Coming Soon

"After having several classes with On-Target, it was exactly what I was expecting.

Capt. Shane Anderson, Latah County (ID) SO


"Open discussions and interaction helps with ideas and allows you to relate to like issues. Mid-management for civilians doesn't happen often. This was a great class for someone at my level. Business Operations Manager Heather Martinez, Spokane County SO

"A lot of the topics and suggestions you presented were things I already considered, but having them suggested to us, solidified the thought in my head that we need to do some things different. Although the class was on evaluation process, it was thought provoking in not only how I had handled feedback sessions and evals in the past, but also how I had handled items as a supervisor and how I could have been more effective then as well. Your teaching method was down to earth and easy to follow. You gave real life examples and personal experiences that made it easy to relate to the training.

Capt. Jason Conrad, Rose Hill (KS) PD

"I found the seminar to be very informative.  The information by nature can be difficult to hold your attention, however the instructor presented information in such a way with real world examples that my attention was held during the entire class.  The instructor’s experience made the class material easy to follow." Capt. Jeffrey Littlejohn Kansas City (MO) PD

"I thoroughly enjoyed your class. Up until your class, I had only attended our required (every 3 or 5 years) evaluation class that is taught via State personnel.  They teach it to the evaluation forms which are all the same throughout the state (with few exceptions). I found your class to be interesting, insightful and I enjoyed the engagement and participation during the day."

Lt. Maureen Wheeler, Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board

"I enjoyed the class, I am currently using the example templates that were provided to come up with a standard form for our agency to use during evaluations." Operations Manager RiverCom 911

"The training was great and reaffirmed the importance of performance notes throughout the evaluation period to allow a supervisor the ability to complete an accurate evaluation (not going through the motions with broad statements) and form a more effective supervisory relationship with subordinates. Thanks for the information! Lt. Marvin Madtson, Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board

"Straight and to the point instruction, while covering all the information needed. My expectations were met and recommend all supervisors to attend the course." Sgt. David Catton, East Peoria, (IL) PD 

"Very knowledgable. Handout was greatly appreciated. Emailed materials was also greatly appreciated."

Courtney Hutchinson, Pekin (IL) PD

"Very engaged and encourages all to participate. Definitely met my expectations. I was able to retain a new outlook on writing evals." 

Corrections Sgt. Jeremy Bledsow, Puyallup (WA) PD


"Great course. All info was useful and valuable. The instructor was engaging and was a great speaker. Very knowledgable in the material he presented."

Sgt. Lacey DeValle, Black Diamond (WA) PD


"Well versed on the subject. Explained things well. easy to understand and bring back to department. The strongest feature was interaction amongst students made seminar more interesting." Cmdr. Tim Rolewicz, Cicero (IL) PD

"Instructor clearly exhibits high skill and experience in employee evaluating  That knowledge was expertly communicated in a way that could be understood by the class." Deputy Fire Chief Gregory Fithian, Cicero (IL) FD

"Having taken the job of fire chief in the last 6 months and working with the union, we are identifying the need for improvement in our organization. This course gave us the direction needed to improve our overall management." Fire Chief Michael Piekarski, Cicero (IL) FD

"Great presenter. Exactly what I was looking for!. Concise with a lot of relevant information."

Deputy Chief Adam Yates, Quincy (IL) PD

"Very knowledgable on the subject and very detailed. This will assist in starting our evaluation program."

Deputy Chief Tyler Kent, Mendota (IL) PD

"Very Informative. Great info to have a put to use. The strongest feature was the knowledge shared about the evaluation process."

Office Administrator Linda Hood, Peoria County (IL) States Attorney Office

"The information was delivered well. I received the exact information I was hoping to receive. I highly recommend."

Asst. Chief William Bob, Colville Tribal (WA) PD

"The instructor kept the material interesting and kept me engaged. Great material on how to properly evaluate subordinates. Easy format and good information as to how to conduct evaluations and keep them positive."

Sgt. Keith Cochran, Steven County (WA) SO

"The instructor kept the subject moving along in an easy to follow, relaxed format. I enjoyed the class and the templates are a plus."

Sgt. Sandra Shah, Toppenish (WA) PD

"His extensive experience in law enforcement and doing employee evaluations was certainly a benefit for this class.  Will certainly attend more classes. Gave me a good understanding of how to begin our employee evaluation program."

Asst. Chief of Police Bill Lodge, Camanche (IA) PD

"The information was good. I appreciated the human error factor the most. The practical exercises were helpful as well. Overall, a great class!"

Sgt. Dave Liska, Clive (IA) PD

"Thank you for adapting to the corrections side. I'm pleased that it was not only "cop" geared. Passionate about his teaching. Does well keep partcipants engaged." Asst. Chief Jailer Jake Clymer, Jasper County (IA) SO

"Found new ways that benefit myself as a supervisors and able to take back to the agency."

Sgt. Thomas Leonard, Scott County (IA) SO

“Good class with useful information. Instructor was well versed in the topic. Good information and kept participants engaged in the class.:

Deputy Chief Chad Farmer, Muskogee (OK) PD

"Emphasis on continued contact with the employee. I appreciated the reasoning behind the attitude of  evaluations. I have always been afraid of evaluations. I have a different outlook now."  Records Supervisor Lorinda Curd, Stillwater (OK) PD


"Very interactive. Made sure subjects were understood. Funny, made class enjoyable. This will help me with future evaluations."

Kyle Wheeler, Seminole (OK) PD

"Clear, concise and personal experiences portrayed and all were relevant."

Lt. Matthew Bain, Urbana (IL) PD


"This provided a great foundation for implementing a formal, professional employee evaluation process.”   

Chief Kyle Kolling, Clyde Hill (WA) PD

"I trust his instruction because of credibility and legitimacy. Provided personal stories directly adaptable to the subject matter that I could relate to and put into context."  Dep. Scott Wells, Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission (WA)

"Very knowledgeable about the topic and very willing to bring class knowledge and participation into the fold. This class provided me a lot of great information to take back to my agency."  Sgt. Ryan Pittman, Mills County (IA) Sheriff's Office

"Good discussion and examples. Kept things moving and subject matter was on point. Has done the job and credibility is there. I have a ton of ideas to take back to my department. Didn't really find anything I won't use."   

Chief Lisa Kepford, Tipton (IA) Police Department

"Overall much needed training. Learned some fresh ideas and ways to track performance".  

Commander Kelly Carroll, Dyer (IN) Police Department

"Instructor knows the topic and had a usable, well thought out presentation. We will be changing our evaluation process, both in policy and the evaluation form currently used".  Commander Brian Neyhart, Schererville (IN) Police Department

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