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This seminar is designed for: Law enforcement executives and supervisors responsible for case evaluation and management, or for commanders who are planning or developing improved case management processes to improve productivity. Additionally, this course will be valuable to senior investigators assigned to small units or small agencies who are primarily responsible for managing investigations in an informal leadership role. This training is appropriate for large or small agencies. The objectives of this program are: addresses the administrative requirements for managing the investigative processes; the other focuses on managing the operations of the investigative unit, and the evaluation of investigative personnel. 

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Hoffman Estates Police Department
411 W Higgins Rd., Hoffman Estates IL 60169

May 2-3, 2024

Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy

45299 Research Place   Ashburn, VA 20147

September 5-6, 2024

Kaysville Police Department 
80 Main St, Kaysville, UT 84037

October 23-24, 2024  8:00am-4:00pm

Norman Police Investigations Center

1507 W Lindsey St,  Norman OK 73069

November 6-7, 2024

Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System

1701 E. Main St., Urbana, IL 61802

Fall 2024

Coming Soon

League City Police Department

555 W. Walker Street  League City, TX 77573

Spring 2025

Coming Soon

Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office -

Training Academy
9225 S. 68th Street, Franklin, WI 53132
Fall 2024

Coming Soon

Everett Police- South Precinct

1121 SE Everett Mall Way  Everett, WA 98208

Spring 2025

Coming Soon

Puyallup Police Department Training Center

531 39th Ave SE Puyallup, WA 98374

May 9-10, 2024   8:00am-4:00pm

Iowa Law Enforcement Academy

7105 NW 70th Avenue, Johnston, IA 50131

October 9-10, 2024

Puyallup Police Department Training Center

1531 39th Ave SE Puyallup, WA 98374

October 24-25, 2024

Kansas City Regional Police Training Academy 

6885 NE Pleasant Valley Rd. Kansas City MO 64119  December 4-5, 2024

Missouri POST Control # 21947

Spokane County Sheriff Training Center

13033 W. SR 902     Spokane, WA 99224

Fall 2024

Coming Soon

Host: Temple Police Department

Location: Temple College

2600 S 1st St. Temple, TX 76504

Spring 2025

Coming Soon

Southlake Police Department

600 State St. Southlake, TX 76092
Spring 2025

Coming Soon

South Metro Public Safety Training Center

7525  Braemar Blvd., Edina, MN 55439

Spring 2025

Coming Soon

Minnesota POST # 10444-0021

"Wealth of knowledge for investigative Supervisor to Chief of Police, from 3 different angencies. Real-lif examples! This is a "must have" for supervisors in charge of investigatibve units. Case review is the most important thing I learned."

Sgt. Nick Sassor, Bloomington (MN) PD

"Good presentation style mixing in stories to complement the material. The instructor's background and experience clearly shows his mastery of the topic."  Sgt. Brad Holzerland, Maple Grove (MN) PD

"Extensive knowledge and experience combined with a passion for passing on that to the next generation of inv. supervisors" The course provided great direction and understanding of how to successully supervise an investigations unit. It answered all the questions I had and alerted me to issues I hadn't even though about. Det. Sgt. Rod Fleming, Mill Creek (WA) PD

"It was very beneficial for me and my goals within my career. Instructor was captivating."

Sgt. Joe Evan Mukilteo (WA) PD

"Was also a good leadership management refresheras well as well spoken. Course was great. Well informed."

Cpl. Chuck Kazer, Bainbridge Island (WA) PD

"Extremely knowledgable - very charismatic instructor. Provided valuable insight on the metrial presented. I have been in CID for 3 years and learned how some new case management techniques I was unaware of. This should be a prerequisite for CID supervisors."

Sgt. Karen Martin, Arlington (TX) PD

"I enjoyed the class participation in the learning process. Good to hear what the other participants and agencies are doing at their departments. Very good course! Covered all pertinent areas of investigative units and supervisiing those units." 

Sgt. James Sullivan, Lubbock (TX) PD

"Well versed. Good instructor who encouraged class participation. Topics were relevant and well presented. Gave me ideas on how to monitor my subordinates and be more accountable as supervisor and mentor."

Sgt. Michael Scott, Pasadena (TX) PD


"Very knowledgable on subject matter. Everything was related back to the management and supervision of investigative units. Material presented in this course revealed weaknesses and important areas in my department . There are several thing that I will implement immediately."

Lt. Walt Melnyk, Bryan (TX) PD

"Instructor is very knowledgable on subject matter and presents such in very clear and effective manner. His experience and leadership qualities make him a great instructor for this course. Material is well written, understandable and relevant.
Inv. Blair Cerny, Memorial Villages (TX) PD

"Information provided clear and concise. Understandable and makes sense and reasonable in today's public standards and community requirements. Information supports a professional standards efficient department and criminal investigations division."

DC Terry McCord, Danville (IL) PD

"Instructor has up-t0-date information to share and discuss. The materials presented could be taken back to individual departments to add to existing policy and procedures, as well as stimulate the need for individual or department change."

Det. Elizabeth Blair, Woodford County (IL) SO

"I immensely enjoyed your course. The content was invaluable, reflecting the sentiment in the book "It's Okay to be the Boss" (which I've already listened to half of) that some common sense aspects have been overlooked in today's workforce. Your humble yet insightful delivery, coupled with an encouraging and open approach to discussion and your great personality, facilitated meaningful conversations both during class and during breaks. Having undergone over 3,000 hours of law enforcement training, you are among the top-tier instructors I've had the privilege of learning from."

Sgt. Brandon Keene, Springfield (MO) PD

"I thought the seminar was really well done. It had a good mix of instruction, real life examples, and hands on activities to help maintain everyone’s attention." Sgt. Timothy VanWinkle, Washington State Patrol

"I thought the class was overall very useful and thought provoking. Your points were well illustrated with your personal experiences, without being overloaded with war stories. In particular I appreciated the segments on case screening and reviews. Thanks for the excellent training!"

Sgt. Jeff Paynter, Lakewood (WA) PD

"Thank you for a great two days of training. I really enjoyed the material covered and how it was tied into real life experiences and situations. I just started my assignment, and this training gave me a lot of valuable information. I look forward to attending more courses from On-Target in the future." 

Lieutenant Lloyd Fulton, Shawnee (OK) PD

"I found this course very helpful. As someone about to go into Investigations as a supervisor, it gave me much insight on things to look for and ways I can approach supervising my detectives. I definitely see myself referring to the book in the future to refresh my memory and compare to current ways our department works. Thanks for your teaching and sharing your experiences with us."

Ofc. James Fletcher, Norman (OK) PD

"First off, thanks for teaching this class in Liberty Lake last week.  I liked the real world examples that fit with the concept you were talking about.  That is always helpful to see how to implement concepts.  I also liked the confirmation of case review, something I have done to a degree since starting supervising.  It provided more insight and direction to make them more effective."

Det. Sgt. Ben McBride, Washington State Patrol

The information you presented was entirely applicable and the specific practice of meeting with our detectives was a great reminder to do what I already do, but to do it more often/regularly.  What I also found to be helpful was your general perspective on various things, drawn from your years of experience as an administrator (i.e. Functional Authority and rank does not equal need to know, etc.).

Det. Sgt. Remie Rees, Kennewick (WA) PD

"Good classroom discussions. Instructor provided great information. Information was realistic and can apply to any investigative unit."

Sgt. Daniel Cortese, Hanover Park (IL) PD

"Very knowledgable and his experience speaks for itself. Keeps everyone engaged and the information interesting. I will definitely be taking back many of the things we spoke about back to my agency."  DC Todd Roundtree, Downers Grove (IL) PD

"The strongest feature of the this seminar was the instructor - Great Job!"

Criminal Investigator Chris Napier, St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney's Office


"Instructor took time to address issues that were occurring with our department."

Lt. Steven Sites, Washington (MO) PD


"Very knowledgeable and passionate about helping people become better supervisors. It gave me different insight on ways to supervise the type of supervisor I am." Sgt. Scott Ronald, St. Charles County PD

"Instructor was one of the best presenters I have met. He is very knowledgable with real world experiences. He asked great questions and created an environment for quality learning. Truly outstanding."

Chief Inv. James "Mike" Hendrickson, District Attorney (OK) Office - District 23


"This was some eye-opening training. The training gives you an upper level view of supervision and management of an investigative unit. "

Lt. Carlton B. Hardman, Oklahoma City PD


"Great instructor. Answered all my questions in a clear and concise manner. Kept me engaged both days. Everything presented witll assist me as a new commander of a CID unit. Very pleased with course material."

Lt. Jody Thompson, Poteau (OK) PD

"Materials and data presented were excellent. During course I was able to build a plan for when I return to implement procedures. Almost all aspects of this course has value in assisting supervisors take control and assist their investigators."

Sgt. Ronald Kouski, Des Moines (IA) PD

"Knowledge and experience at all levels of police/Investigations (lived it). Instructor's knowledge of investigations is clear at it has been his life work. The material is useful from a unit of 2 to a unit of 20."  Lt. Dennis O'Neill, Cedar Falls (IA) PD

"I was assigned as a sergeant of investigations with no prior investigations experience. This course helped give me good direction moving forward to develop my team. (The strongest features of this seminar were) the examples provided and group discussion."

Sgt. Megan Kissner, Oakdale (WA) PD

"Instructor incorporated personal experiences appropriately to supplement training material. Course content will definitely be beneficial as I start new assignment as a detective sergeant." Sgt. Craig Johnson, Bellingham (WA) PD

"Instructor was very knowledgable. and brought a lot of experiences into his teachings which made the class more enjoyable and easier to understand. Looking forward to applying the knowledge I've acquired throughout the rest of my career."

Sgt. Jennifer Sutter, Spokane County SO

"Always informative. I like that he answered questions and uses real world examples. Content was good and lots of practical examples."

Capt. Shane Anderson, Latah County (ID) SO

"The instructor was very knowledgable. He brought real world experience to the class. The material was easy to understand and follow."

Capt. Aaron Swayze, Okmulgee County (OK) Criminal Justice Authority

"Great speaker, good experiences and personable. The strongest features of this seminar was the solvability factors and case review with investigators."

Lt. Demetrius Treantafeles, Tulsa PD

"Went above my expectations. This was extremely valuable. I will be bringing this information back to my unit."

Sgt. Dave Clary, Centralia (WA) PD

"This should be core training for ALL supervisors, nit just investigations. It teaches practical supervision and management concepts that can be applied immediately. All other supervision is "lifelong leadership" and has always skipped this type of material."

Sgt. Adam Balcom, Tukwila (WA) PD

"Case screening and case reviews was what I hoped would be discussed, both were. Great discussion on holding case reviews regularly."

Sgt. Jon Gutierrez, Bellingham (WA) PD

"Good information some of which I had not considered. Gave good frame work for how to supervise. Very experienced and credible instructors."

Sgt. Paul Barnes, St. Louis Park (MN) PD

"Outstanding course!. I look forward to putting what was learned to use. Great presentation, speakers. Very applicable material and examplles of implementation. Sgt. Derek LaVoy, Crow Wing County (MN) SO

"Instructor was able to connect his material to class members in a manner where all wanted to be involved. The DISC material will continue to be used in my daily conversations. Thank you." Undersheriff Geoff Rusho, Pend Orielle (WA) County SO

"Instructor definitely has experience and knowledge of material to put a realistic and past experience to support the information. Learning my personal profile style was great plus being able to recognize others style to be able to relate or communicate with others."

Sgt. Lee Wheeler, Poulsbo (WA) PD

"Would recommend course to others. Great refresher and several excellent take-aways."

Sgt. David Bangart, Washington Office of Insurance Commissioner, Criminal Investigations

"Credibility well established based on background and knowledge. Good mix of PowerPoint, stories and class discussion. This is one of the few classes where more small-scale techniques and tactics may be useful in addition to the large-scale strategic items."

Lt. Cody Manual, Stillwater (OK) PD

"Knowledgable. Good experience in law enforcement command, able to provide overall, big-picture perspective of investigations supervision. Solid information, great supervision methods." Lt. James Williams, Oklahoma City PD

"Extremely knowledgable and did a good job using his extensive experiences to reinforce the training goals and objectives. Good overview with a wide breadth of coverage on a lot of different topics. Touched on about every single facet of an investigative unit.

Inv. Sgt. Tim Warner, Grayslake (IL) PD

"I enjoyed this topic altogether. I've never seen a class offered on managing investigative units. My biggest takeaway was on case management.

Sgt. Michael Brenton, Oklahoma City PD


"Variety of activities and class interaction mixed with information. Instructor has a lot of experience to pull from and shape. Very applicable to everyday supervision and management of investigations and detectives. Great ideas/suggestions with reasons."

Sgt. Jennifer Johnson, Naperville (IL) PD

"Experienced and informative. Focused on mentoring, coaching, managing and supervising officers to achieve their potential."

Sgt. Erin Vasilopolous. Cook County States Atty. Office

"Very knowledgable and engaging. The materials were well written and Informational.  The materials will be going in my collection for reference! I will be taking this information back and completely reform the way I've been managing my division for the betterment of my people."

Det. Lt. Katrina Rudish, Johnson County (IA) SO

"Outstanding instructor, very knowledgable and great speaker. Will recommend this class to others."

Sgt. Mark Chance, Polk County (IA) SO


"Did a great job of instructing the course. This was an outstanding course. I just became a supervisor of an investigation unit and I have an awesome starting point / game plan on how I'll manage / supervise it."

Lt. David O'Connor, Muscatine (IA) PD

"Good stories to correlate with class materials. Instructor understands course material through real-life experiences. Met  my expectations of relating employees to supervisors." Sgt. Josh Wall, Scott County (IA) SO

"Thank you! Well recommended to others. Very thought provoking. All new and experienced (investigative) supervisors would benefit from this course."

Admin. Advisor Mary Howell Sirna, Iowa State University PD

"Good description of incidents. Also helped re-evaluate the way we are going things at our department. Will foster anew way to look at things."

Lt. Doug Thompson, Jacksonville (IL) PD

"Very knowledgable and presents material in an interesting and effective way." Lt. Tim Edmiaston, Normal (IL) PD


"Did a great job. Would take another class with On-Target." Sgt. Greg Spahn, Canton(IL) PD

"Very knowledgeable on the subject matter. His experience and ability to instruct is a valuable asset/resource to supervisors and command level personnel.  This course reassured some changes we are implementing. Exposed what we are doing well, bad and what can be different."

Chief of Detectives Gerald Vetter, Oak Lawn (IL) PD

"Great communicator. High level of credibility. Brought big and small police department perspective.  Current and relevant information."

Cmdr. Mike Lange, Lake Forest (IL) PD


"The instructor provided real life experiences and took ownership for the "errors" he learned from in his past. He was well informed, engaging, and easy to listen to and learn from. I wish I  took this class 2 years ago when I inherited the investigations division."

Cmdr. Liz Palko, Montgomery (IL) PD

"Energetic and thought provoking. I am taking a lot back to my department. Look forward to additional training."

Sgt. Gwen Carrell, Chehalis (WA) PD

"Was great, his experience brings credibility to this subject. I learned a lot. I have a better understanding of conducting case reviews and how important they are."  Sgt. Sean Curran, Highland Park (IL) PD

"He was very knowledgeable on the subject matter with a wide breadth of experience. He had real-life examples to punctuate the learning points. The information learned is directly pertinent to my current job."

Sgt. Lapaki Zablan, Kirkland (WA) PD

"Great class with ideas to improve supervising investigative units. The strategies that were given are easily applicable."

Sgt. Joe Deccio, Yakima (WA) PD

"Can tell instructor has experience. Very good information. We as supervisors/managers need refreshers and reminders on best held practices. Used stories as examples."  Lt. Stace McKinley, Union Gap (WA) PD

"Knowledgeable and had material relevant to Washington state. Very personable, good jokes, but remained professional. Would like him for my boss. Good topic coverage about managing the subject of managing informants." Cpl. Earl Yamane, Edmonds (WA) PD

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