This seminar is designed for: Law enforcement executives and supervisors responsible for case evaluation and management, or for commanders who are planning or developing improved case management processes to improve productivity. Additionally, this course will be valuable to senior investigators assigned to small units or small agencies who are primarily responsible for managing investigations in an informal leadership role. This training is appropriate for large or small agencies. The objectives of this program are: addresses the administrative requirements for managing the investigative processes; the other focuses on managing the operations of the investigative unit, and the evaluation of investigative personnel. 

September 22-23, 2021

September 29-30, 2021

November 4-5, 2021


October 18-19, 021​

December 2-3, 2021

Fall 2021

Spring 2022

Norman, OK

Newman Lake, WA

Marysville, WA

Edina, MN

South Jordan, UT

Lawrence, IN

Urbana, IL

Norman Police Investigations Center

Spokane County Sheriff Training Center

Snohomish County Sheriff's Office

South Metro Public Safety Training Facility

South Jordan Police Department

Lawrence Police Department

Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System

Comments from Attendees

"Extremely knowledgable and did a good job using his extensive experiences to reinforce the training goals and objectives. Good overview with a wide breadth of coverage on a lot of different topics. Touched on about every single facet of an investigative unit.

Inv. Sgt. Tim Warner, Grayslake (IL) PD

"I enjoyed this topic altogether. I've never seen a class offered on managing investigative units. My biggest takeaway was on case management.

Sgt. Michael Brenton, Oklahoma City PD


"Variety of activities and class interaction mixed with information. Instructor has a lot of experience to pull from and shape. Very applicable to everyday supervision and management of investigations and detectives. Great ideas/suggestions with reasons."

Sgt. Jennifer Johnson, Naperville (IL) PD

"Experienced and informative. Focused on mentoring, coaching, managing and supervising officers to achieve their potential."

Sgt. Erin Vasilopolous. Cook County States Atty. Office

"Very knowledgable and engaging. The materials were well written and Informational.  The materials will be going in my collection for reference! I will be taking this information back and completely reform the way I've been managing my division for the betterment of my people."

Det. Lt. Katrina Rudish, Johnson County (IA) SO

"Outstanding instructor, very knowledgable and great speaker. Will recommend this class to others."

Sgt. Mark Chance, Polk County (IA) SO


"Did a great job of instructing the course. This was an outstanding course. I just became a supervisor of an investigation unit and I have an awesome starting point / game plan on how I'll manage / supervise it."

Lt. David O'Connor, Muscatine (IA) PD

"Good stories to correlate with class materials. Instructor understands course material through real-life experiences. Met  my expectations of relating employees to supervisors." Sgt. Josh Wall, Scott County (IA) SO

"Thank you! Well recommended to others. Very thought provoking. All new and experienced (investigative) supervisors would benefit from this course."

Admin. Advisor Mary Howell Sirna, Iowa State University PD

"Good description of incidents. Also helped re-evaluate the way we are going things at our department. Will foster anew way to look at things."

Lt. Doug Thompson, Jacksonville (IL) PD

"Very knowledgable and presents material in an interesting and effective way." Lt. Tim Edmiaston, Normal (IL) PD


"Did a great job. Would take another class with On-Target." Sgt. Greg Spahn, Canton(IL) PD

"Very knowledgeable on the subject matter. His experience and ability to instruct is a valuable asset/resource to supervisors and command level personnel.  This course reassured some changes we are implementing. Exposed what we are doing well, bad and what can be different."

Chief of Detectives Gerald Vetter, Oak Lawn (IL) PD

"Great communicator. High level of credibility. Brought big and small police department perspective.  Current and relevant information."

Cmdr. Mike Lange, Lake Forest (IL) PD


"The instructor provided real life experiences and took ownership for the "errors" he learned from in his past. He was well informed, engaging, and easy to listen to and learn from. I wish I  took this class 2 years ago when I inherited the investigations division."

Cmdr. Liz Palko, Montgomery (IL) PD

"Energetic and thought provoking. I am taking a lot back to my department. Look forward to additional training."

Sgt. Gwen Carrell, Chehalis (WA) PD

"Was great, his experience brings credibility to this subject. I learned a lot. I have a better understanding of conducting case reviews and how important they are."  Sgt. Sean Curran, Highland Park (IL) PD

"He was very knowledgeable on the subject matter with a wide breadth of experience. He had real-life examples to punctuate the learning points. The information learned is directly pertinent to my current job."

Sgt. Lapaki Zablan, Kirkland (WA) PD

"Great class with ideas to improve supervising investigative units. The strategies that were given are easily applicable."

Sgt. Joe Deccio, Yakima (WA) PD

"Can tell instructor has experience. Very good information. We as supervisors/managers need refreshers and reminders on best held practices. Used stories as examples."  Lt. Stace McKinley, Union Gap (WA) PD

"Knowledgeable and had material relevant to Washington state. Very personable, good jokes, but remained professional. Would like him for my boss. Good topic coverage about managing the subject of managing informants." Cpl. Earl Yamane, Edmonds (WA) PD