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  • Gregory Anderson

New: Evidence Based Certification

On-Target Forensics LLC is your professional immersive solution that will get your resources operationally functional, taught by a seasoned practitioner.

We are excited to announce that we are offering an evidence-based certification for those who complete the following week-long seminars:

· 2 Day Evidence Processing: Crime Scene to Courtroom Basics

· 2 Day Crime Scene Photography: The Essentials

· 1 Day Effective Crimes Scene Reporting: Documentation and Demonstratives

Of course, these seminars can also be taken individually to provide more specific training and refreshers as needed.

We also offer our seminar on evidence rooms and solutions to enhance its operations as well as to maintain integrity of evidence and property: ​

· 2 Day Evidence and Storage Best Practices Seminar

Click on the word "Training" above to see additional details about these opportunities near you.

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