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Nothing is as critical to the success of an organization as the people that serve provide the services. Whether in government, private enterprise, charitable organizations or any other entity nothing can have such a dramatic effect to the success or failure of service delivery. Applicant background investigations are the key to hiring the most desirable candidates to provide service, maintain retention, and promotion within the organization. Applicant background investigations are complex and understanding the principles and legal ramifications is important to protect the organization.

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Comments from attendees:

"Great class and great stories. Covered a lot in 2 days.  I am a supervisor in my agency's recruiting/hiring section. This will help me when reviewing my investigator's files."  Sgt. Colin Whittington, Loudon Co. (VA) SO

"I have done background investigations the last few years.  I was able to confirm that many of the things/ways our backgrounds are conducted  are inline with best/common practices. Provided good resources . I am using it to evaluate our practices and forms."

Sgt. D. Walker, Manassas Park (VA) PD

"Great instructor and very well prepared." Cpl. J. Nowak, Arlington County (VA) SO Corrections


"Great at providing examples and highlighting areas of importance for recruiting and backgrounds that can often be overlooked. One of the more beneficial trainings that I have attended in my over 13 years in law enforcement."

Officer Dan Schyma, Apple Valley (MN) PD

“I now have a better understanding, where to start in my new position. I feel confident in conducting this important duty. Taught lesson in a way where it could be understood.” Sgt. Steven Hunter, Kankakee (IL) PD


“Very well spoken. Answered all questions. New concepts for doing backgrounds.” 

Det. Lee Hoffman, Peoria County (IL) SO

“I’m not usually a fan of sitting in a classroom all day, but the instructor’s knowledge and engaging demeanor kept it very interesting.”

Inv. Mark Johnson,  Benton County (IA) SO


“Great presenter, probably due to his prior experience and education in the field. Very professional…(the strongest features were) the case examples, scenarios and a great presenter.” Det. Schonella Stewart, Oak Park (IL) PD

"Good tempo and engagement. I really liked the comfort and ease of the discussions. Really appreciate the electronic handouts."

Cpl. James Hancox, Marion (IA) PD

"Excellent presentation and I enjoyed the course very much which caused me to reflect upon myself and how I will conduct future investigations. I can not honestly identify a weakness or a single issue the presenter failed to make mention of."

Sgt. T.R. Wynecoop, Spokane (WA) Tribal PD

"Presented a lot (information) I did not know. Engaging and relatable.  Chief Nathan Shephard, Toledo (IA) PD

"I was the only communications supervisor in the class and never left me out in discussions and communication center scenarios. This was my second class with On-Target and I leave with new hope and tools to help our department."

Comm. Sup. Nancy Ray, Spokane International Airport PD

"Very good ideas and relevant information for this day and age.  The strongest feature was of what I have available to help me in the recruiting process."

Lt. Vaifoa Lealaitafea, Park City (UT) Police Department

"All of the information was relevant, thoroughly and clearly presented, and interesting. I came in with no idea how to do a background investigation, and I left feeling prepared to begin doing them."  Det. Jeremy Brown, Centerville (UT) Police Department

"Was very knowledgeable. Great at engaging the classroom. I feel very good about this. I am ready to use this information in my next background."

Deputy Adam Shelley, Salt Lake County (UT) Sheriff's Office

"Great information, lots to think about. The forms will assist with future background checks."

James White, Weber Area Dispatch 911 and Emergency Services (UT)

"I got a lot out of this course.  I was given a lot of great information to incorporate into my background investigations.  It was great because their forms (for background investigations) became our forms." Dustin Cheshire, Jail Commander, Uintah County (UT) Sheriff's Office

"This course provided a thorough view of the requirements and reasons  for completing solid background investigations. The recruitment portion provided alot of great ideas too."   Major Kim Edmondsen, Kootenai County (ID) Sheriff's Office

"The sample forms and processes were a huge help to get an effective program running to fulfill our hiring needs." (

Undersheriff Justin Knisley, Ferris County (WA) Sheriff's Office

"Great class. Exceeded my expectations. I had previously sent 2 of my investigators to another class and wished I could take that back and have them attended this instead."   Lt. Tim Rudloff, Thurston Co. (WA) Sheriff's Office

"Excellent knowledge in this subject matter....lots of energy and keeps the class engaged."

Sgt. Tim Ottmar, Spokane Police Department

"The material is excellently presented....prepared me very well to be a successful background investigator."

Sgt. Scott Novasky, Lakewood (WA) Police Department

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